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29 September 2020

Luxury Ski Chalet for the season or annual rentals

Luxury Ski Chalet for the season is that a good option?

While not necessarily reinventing the wheel, the present scenario offers a chance to reconsider the whole work/life management experience. Recently, workplaces and workspaces are being taken down, some on a provisional basis, others for real. This gave rise to the possibility for more and more people to be able to work from home. Here are the best reasons why you should be looking at a long term luxury chalet for seasonal or an annual rentals.


Chalet owners and operators are currently rethinking how to fill their assets so that customers are hesitant to book vacations. Instead of booking week after week, they are now willing to rent for a relatively long term. There’s a lot of cash to be made. It’s now possible to book several weeks where the staff of the chalet is also optional for a lot of owners and operators.

This greatly lowers the rental price. Here are five great choices that you might consider to be your own personal office space for an extended stay.

We know that there are many benefits to a long stay in the mountains! That is why we launched a brand-new page offering seasonal chalet rentals.

# Mountains escape

There’s nothing like the mood of the weekend. And there’s nothing like a weekend feeling when you’re surrounded by gorgeous snowy mountain tops! Fresh alpine air and a good cold beer after a long day in the mountains. Seasonal chalet rental will give you the best end of your working week. Both your things and ski clothes, ready and waiting for you in the chalet. What you need to do is get in the car or a flight and get to the mountains!

Luxury Ski Chalet for the season for those who live in Zurich or Geneva. Indeed, it’s easy to get away from city life on weekends and get the best out of mountain escapism. In a brief car ride, the landscape surrounding you changes drastically, and the ‘out of office’ is well and truly ON.

Luxury Ski Chalet for the season

It can be very convenient for international travel to Geneva, with quick transfers to ski resorts like Verbier, Les Gets and Chamonix on the other hand. Accessibility to these mountain resorts makes corporate travelling effortless. For the beautiful seasonal ski chalets in the ski resorts a little farther from the airport, you might imagine speeding up your A to B with a helicopter transfer or even a private plane, straight to the slopes … Concierge will greet you as you land your skis and you can sculpt the slopes in no time. What’s more, because the weekends are the normal changeover days, you’re likely to benefit from quietness.

# Take your time

We all know that life at the best of times can be tricky to navigate: the day in, the day out routine that feels like all work and no play. However, with the consequences of the pandemic, there appears to be no safer time to make preparations to leave the four walls. It’s time to get away and enjoy life and all that it has to bring. Therefore, it is time to consider a luxury Ski Chalet for the season. In our view, there is no better way to hide than the mountains. Breathe in the fresh air of the mountains, reconnect with your senses and appreciate the comfort of mountain life. There’s no need to cram all in with a seasonal chalet rental, you can pace yourself, the slower life is the life of the mountains.

Live like a regular, and you’ll start to feel part of the city when you rent a ski chalet for the season. Set up your favorite fondue restaurant, check out where the best live apres-ski music is, get the best untouched snow and get technically better at skiing in all weather conditions. On the topic of the weather, with the ski chalet for the season, you should pay careful attention to the weather. Bluebird day and 30 cm snow predicted for Saturday? Book your flights easier and head down to your winter ski chalet! And if you don’t have the weather to affect you, fluctuating flight rates can be. You have the right to pick which days you’re flying, allowing you more variety of flight times and costs.

# Work from home with a view

As a result of current incidents, corporations and associations have been compelled to work with workers operating from home. This working structure has its own pros and cons. A big advantage is that as long as you have a laptop and a decent Wi-Fi, you can work from anywhere! All of us are anxious to get away from our four walls. So, what better way than to head to your comfortable seasonal ski chalet for a change of scene?

Be inspired by the stunning mountain views and after the day is over, spend some time to relax with the spa facilities of the chalet. You can also go to the village for a stroll and a short drink at the local café or bar.


And a spot to call home for a long time, you have the benefit for your family to visit you somewhere new; that way, if you can work flexible hours, you can visit them as time permits – maybe even getting in a couple of ski runs together. If your feelings are ‘but we can’t take the kids out of kindergarten,’ how about enrolling them in the International School for a winter term? The Alps have some of the best foreign schools, like The College Alpin International Beau Soleil in Villars. It’s a perfect chance to introduce the children to new cultures, languages, ways of learning and make new friends.

# Home away from home

Another advantage of a seasonal chalet rental is that it is your exclusive home in the mountains. So you can do whatever you want and ask who you want. Invite friends and extended family to spend weekends or weeks in your luxury ski chalet for the season. That is certainly one of the best gifts you can offer. Enjoy an alpine retreat with days full of fun mountain adventures and magical evenings sitting around the dining table. That is the combinations of one of life’s best remedies. It’s also a great opportunity to enjoy the festive season with loved ones. A special moment, with special people, a special location.

Now more than ever, we need a vacation and what better way to rejuvenate a lavish ski holiday in the Alps! Spend more time with friends and family in your social pod. Your lavish seasonal chalet rental is yours, and you have the power of who reaches those doors.

- Luxury Ski Chalet for the season or annual rentals

Taking the chalet for the season means that it is for your own use only. With no other guests in the chalet, you can be assured that you will be safe and secure in your own chalet. All of our seasonal chalet rental partners will take all the necessary precautions to ensure that you are kept safe. In fact, this is the ideal situation where you can make the most of your true home feeling. The concierge team will be at your side during the season to fulfill your demands and specifications. They will take care of everything for you: booking a chef, a restaurant or do your shopping… There’s nothing too complicated to make sure you make the most of your trip to the mountains.

So maybe a luxurious seasonal chalet rental is a new thing for you, or maybe you’ve done it all before. Finally, here are the pick of our favourite seasonal chalet rentals …

# Some of our luxury chalet for long term rental

- Luxury Ski Chalet for the season or annual rentals
Chalet Bellaiuva in Verbier
- Luxury Ski Chalet for the season or annual rentals
Chalet Eagle in Megève
Apartment La Dranse in Verbier

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