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Lodge Destinations Magazine

14 May 2019 by admin9181

Lodge Destinations Magazine

The Lodge Destinations magazine is a real source of information about the best destinations, chalets and villas in Europe. You will find our recommendations to help you choose your next vacation.

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What’s New in the Alps Ski Resorts for 2022-2023?

While some ski resorts are opening soon, what better way to make the most of this ski season than to catch up on what’s new in the Alps ski resorts for 2022-2023? Take a look at the latest additions to many of our best ski resorts for the next winter season, from new restaurants and …

Guide to the best restaurants in Courchevel 1850

Courchevel in the Three Valleys is well-known for its colourful, genuine, and luxury dining scene, in addition to skiing and snowboarding. To guarantee there’s something for everyone, we’ve produced a selection of our best restaurants in Courchevel 1850, which includes a mix of haute food, magnificent alpine lunch locations, classic Savoyard dining, and Italian feasts. …

The Alps from Every Aspect at Brunnenhof Residence

Discover the Brunnenhof Residence in the midst of the Austrian Alps, a chic newcomer to the famed Alpine village of Lech. Brunnenhof Residence in Lech Brunnenhof Residence has been completed in 2021 and is part of an attractive collection of serviced apartments in the heart of Lech. Following a thorough refurbishment of all aspects of …

The French Alps : Enjoy the Alpine food specialties in ski resort

The French Alps are a rocky region of France, Switzerland, and Italy with a history of hardy alpine residents… The French Alps are a rocky region of France, shared with Switzerland, and Italy with a history of hardworking alpine dwellers who toiled the soil to grow potatoes and other hardy crops as well as herding …


Why do we plan on booking a luxury ski holiday? When should we arrange a ski vacation? How can we schedule a ski vacation? Who do we plan our ski vacation with? We’ve been asking ourselves these questions every year. We are always asking ourselves how we can better, how we can push forward, how …

5 Best Reasons to Rent a Catered Chalet

Do you have a hard time deciding whether to rent a self-catering chalet or a luxury catered chalet for your next ski vacation? If so, let us explain why a catered ski chalet trip always wins. 1. A staff team to respond to your every requirement During a catered chalet ski trip, you won’t have …


There are several reasons why you should spend your summer vacation in Switzerland this year. You will not find landscapes like it anyplace else. The towering, beautiful mountains are a genuine testament to nature’s grandeur, with rolling green fields highlighted in the foreground by brilliant wildflowers that lure the eye into the distance. As the …


Summer activities in the Alps are officially returning in 2022! There is something for everyone to get involved in, from seeing the hardest compete in incredible trail marathons to finding your groove at the various music events. So, why not combine your summer mountain vacation with one of these must-see 2022 Alps summer events? It …

Top 3 reasons to choose a seasonal or annual rentals in the Alps 

There are several reasons why individuals choose to live in the mountains with seasonal or annual rentals in the Alps. Outdoor-loving families looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, people thinking about buying and testing out life in the mountains, or just fans of peace and quiet who like waking …

Steps to finding the ideal luxury villa and chalet rentals for friends and family

Choosing the ideal luxury villa and chalet rentals for a peaceful vacation should be a delightful and rewarding experience. However, for many people who find themselves in the role of organiser, it may rapidly turn into a big source of irritation. Trying to satisfy everyone yet only pleasing a few, and ultimately feeling unappreciated. Consider …

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