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On this page, you may learn about our company and read our booking conditions, privacy policy, and website terms of service.

Company information

Lodge Destinations Sàrl

Registered address:

Chemin des Planches 1,

1028 Préverenges,


UID/MSWT: CHE-310.746.901

How to contact us

You can contact us by telephoning our customer service team at +41 77 521 66 34 or by writing to us at info@lodgedestinations.com 

Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read the Booking Documents (Booking Form and Terms & Conditions), as they are legally enforceable and comprise the terms of your relationship with Lodge Destinations Sàrl (“Lodge Destinations”). These Standard Terms and Conditions shall apply to all bookings, except where the Booking Form and the Terms and Conditions attached thereto conflict with these Standard Terms and Conditions.

The Parties

Please be aware that Lodge Destinations is acting only as a booking agent in the name and on behalf of the Owner for the rental of the property and the services to be supplied by any service provider [hence referred to as “the Service Provider”]. The Booking Documents, along with all relevant legislation, comprise your consent to:

  1. the short-term rental of the Property by the Owner; and
  2. the services offered by the service provider.

The Booking

These Terms & Conditions, as well as the Booking Form, include all of the details of your booking/reservation with Lodge Destinations. They apply equally to you, the Group Leader, and all of the people specified on the Booking Form (Occupants). Your reservation is for a stay in a furnished luxury property, including daily cleaning and any catering or other auxiliary services that you may have ordered that are supplied by a third-party source.

We will provide initial finding services to you until the owner/operator reaches you and takes charge of the booking. Your booking will then be handled by the owner/operator. If our assistance is required, please notify us, and we will continue to help as needed. We will communicate with you on a frequent basis during the booking process, before and after your vacation, to ensure that everything runs properly.

We are not liable for delays or cancellations caused by circumstances beyond our control, such as an earthquake, fire, flood, natural disaster, avalanche, volcano eruption, famine, terrorism, or national crisis. This includes situations in which the booking is delayed or cancelled due to an occurrence beyond our control.

We may require certain information from you, including but not limited to: your full name, any other guests’ full names, dates of birth, passport information, full addresses, each guest’s nationality, email addresses (in some cases both work and personal addresses), phone numbers (mobile, office, and personal), any dietary requirements, and any special requests that may be applicable. We may contact you in writing to request this information. If you do not give us the information we need within a reasonable time of us asking for it, or if you give us incomplete or incorrect information, we will not be responsible for supplying the booking details late or not supplying any part of them.

Breach of Agreement.

If you fail to make the above-mentioned payments or breach any other provision of the Booking Documents after the end of this agreement, the Owner and/or Lodge Destinations reserve the right to terminate this agreement and deny you access to the Property. In this case, neither the Owner nor Lodge Destinations is obligated to provide you with a refund or compensation. The latter reserve their rights to recover any damages or loss of profit caused by your breach of this agreement, whether directly or indirectly.

Changes and Cancellation by the Client

If you want to make changes to your confirmed booking, please tell Lodge Destinations in writing as soon as possible. Lodge Destinations will make every effort to accommodate your request, but cannot guarantee compliance. If you decide to cancel your booking, you will forfeit all money previously paid in relation to the booking, i.e.

  1. If cancelled more than 12 weeks before the arrival date, the deposit will be lost; and
  2. If cancelled fewer than 12 weeks before the arrival date, the entire booking money will be forfeited.

We highly advise that every customer obtain appropriate holiday insurance for the duration of their stay, including cancellation insurance, to reduce their cancellation risk.

Changes and Cancellation by the Owner/Operator

The operators/owners will have the right to make changes to your reservation based on the contract you receive from them.

The property

Accommodation may differ from the photographs. The photographs of the accommodation on our website are just for illustrative reasons. Although we have taken every attempt to show the images properly, we cannot guarantee that they truly depict the accommodation. Hotels and flats, for example, may restrict or remove amenities owing to maintenance or bad weather, building work, or other services/activities that are not available at the beginning or conclusion of the vacation season.

The Properties are not hotels, hence they are not often classed by tourism authorities or international rating organizations. If objective criteria are used to evaluate luxury residences, they may not all have the same amenities and standards. Please be advised that Lodge Destinations employs a marketing brand for certain properties in its portfolio.

You may only use the Property for the purpose for which it was rented to you (personal lodging). During the rental period, no business use of the premises (photo shoots, seminars, large parties, etc.) is permitted unless specifically accepted in writing by Lodge Destinations or the Owner, and no images of the Property may be taken or used for any commercial purpose.


We highly recommend that you obtain the necessary insurance before beginning your vacation. Please be aware that we are not a member of ABTA or ATOL. Please confirm with the owner/operator you are booking with, as they may or may not be an ABTA or ATOL member, depending on their business style and region. If you have any questions concerning your insurance for the intended holiday, please contact us immediately.

You are responsible for your third-party liability and medical repatriation insurance policies. Lodge Destinations is not a travel agency, does not provide such insurances, and cannot be held responsible for the absence of such coverage.

Rules and Safety Precautions


The Properties are private luxury houses, not hotels. There are no legal precautionary signs, like you might see at a premium hotel. Lodge Destinations, the Owner, and the Service Providers are not liable for any accidents or injuries sustained by you, the Occupants, or your guests while staying at the Property. The Property may have a set of Rules and Security Precautions for the usage of the Property or its amenities.

Please read the Rules and Safety Precautions carefully if they are supplied, since they are an essential component of this agreement. You, the other occupants, and your guests must rigorously follow these rules and safety precautions.

Wellness Area, Swimming Pool, etc.

When utilizing the wellness area, you and your visitors must always keep your own and others’ safety in mind. The use of the wellness area is at your own and your visitors’ risk. You and your visitors must follow the Rules and Security Precautions for the wellness area as communicated to you by the Property’s personnel and made accessible on-site. Facilities must be utilized for their intended purpose and in accordance with instructions provided by the Service Provider’s staff. Without limiting the extent of the foregoing, the following are absolutely banned in the wellness area:

  1. running.
  2. diving or leaping into the swimming pool or jacuzzi.
  3. consuming alcohol or utilizing the wellness area while impaired by alcohol or drugs;
  4. leaving youngsters alone in the wellness area.


An adult must provide direct, visual, and active supervision of children in the wellness area, and you are solely responsible for this. The swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and other amenities on the property lack an alarm system, safety nets, and other safety features meant to reduce the danger of drowning. To safeguard the safety of children, the following steps must be followed, specifically:

  1. Never leave young children alone near swimming pools or Jacuzzis
  2. never leave a kid alone in water, even if they can swim, or in a Hamman, steam room, sauna, etc. To ensure safety, children should always be supervised by an adult who can save them in case of an accident,
  3. never leave toys or other objects floating on the water, since this may attract children to approach the water.
  4. wear inflatable armbands or floating costumes.

Lodge Destinations will endeavour to advise you of the appropriateness of the Property for children. However, please keep in mind that the Property may not have the same degree of safety precautions as your house, and your children’s monitoring is solely your duty.


Please be aware that not all properties feature safety deposit boxes. If there is an alarm in the Property, please turn it on everytime you leave and at night before going to bed. Please note that the failure to do so might effect whether or not the property’s insurance would pay any losses in case of burglary.


If, in the opinion of Lodge Destinations, the Owner, or any other person in authority, you or a member of your group acts in a way that causes or is likely to cause a danger, excessive disturbance (i.e. to neighbours), damage to the Property, or violates any provision of the Booking Documents, your Lodging Service Agreement may be terminated immediately and you will be asked to leave the Property.

In this case, you will not receive a refund and will be entirely accountable for any expenses incurred as a consequence of your actions or the actions of others in your group.

Damages & Security Deposit

The Owner/Operator will inspect the property both before and after the rental period. You will be held accountable for any degradation, loss, or damage to the Property’s furnishings and utilities. We recommend that you make sure your insurance coverage covers unintentional damage to the property and its contents. You will be responsible for all costs associated with the loss of any keys issued to you on the first day of the Rental Period. Your Security Deposit will be refunded to you as soon as feasible, at the latest within 14 days after the conclusion of the Rental Period, unless the Owner’s policy dictates otherwise.

If you have caused any deterioration or damage to the Property, the cost will be charged from your Security Deposit and, if necessary, your credit card.

Complaints and Problems

Lodge Destinations will make every effort to ensure that you enjoy a trouble-free stay at the property. Lodge Destinations will try its utmost to resolve concerns as soon as practically practicable after being notified of them. If you are unsatisfied with the Property or a provider’s service, please contact Lodge Destinations as well as the applicable services supplier.


Lodge Destinations is only an agent and accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage, or harm experienced by you. Your contract for the rental of the Property and the supply of services is with the Owner and Service Providers, who shall not be responsible to you, the Occupants, or your guests for:

  1. incidents that were not directly caused by their gross carelessness;
  2. damages caused owing to your fault or those of one of the occupants or your visitors (e.g., failing to store valuables in the safe, not turning on the alarm, refusing to adopt the recommended security measures, etc.);
  3. accidents or injuries caused by your or any of your guests’ negligence or lack of caution

Passport and Visa Requirements

It is your obligation to follow the local regulations regarding visas and authorizations for the nation in where the property is located. Please contact your local office for international travel and passports to learn about the passport, visa, and health requirements for the country where the Property is located.

Entire Agreement

The Booking Documents, the list of the Property’s rules and safety precautions, and all applicable laws constitute the entire understanding and agreement between you and the Owner for the short-term rental of the Property, as well as you and the Service Provider for any services requested.

Amendment of Booking Documents

Any and all alterations or revisions to the Booking Documents, including adjustments to auxiliary items, are only effective if done in writing and signed by all parties. Any handwritten changes or additions to the booking form will be valid only if they are countersigned or initialled by Lodge Destinations prior to the Rental Period.

Applicable law and dispute resolution

These terms and conditions, as well as any disputes between the parties, will be interpreted and resolved in accordance with Swiss law. All issues arising from or in connection with this Booking Document must be resolved via mediation in accordance with the Mediation Rules of the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation. If no solution can be achieved via mediation, the matter will be resolved by the courts in the area where the Property is located.

Privacy Policy on Lodgedestinations.com

Last update: 25/01/2024

Privacy and cookies statement

Your privacy is extremely important to us. We will never give or sell your information to anyone. We take precautions to guarantee that any data we retain is safe. We use cookies to optimise your browsing experience on our website.

This privacy policy explains how Lodge Destinations uses and protects the information you provide while using this website. Lodge Destinations  is committed to protecting your data and treating it in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). This privacy policy will explain how we collect, use, and store personal data about you. This policy also explains how to exercise your privacy rights.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. If we ask you to supply personally identifiable information while using our services or our website, you can be confident that it will be used exclusively in compliance with our privacy policy.

We retain the right to amend this privacy policy as considered necessary or required by law. Any modifications will be posted on this website immediately, and you will be regarded to have accepted the terms of the privacy policy upon your first use of the website after the changes.

Data Security

Data security is extremely important to us, and we are committed to ensuring that the information we gather from you is safe. To protect and secure the information we collect online and offline, we have implemented physical, technological, and administrative policies to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure.

What information are we collecting ?

Information you supply to us by visiting our website, completing an online inquiry form, an online or offline booking form, filling out, subscribing to mailing lists, joining competitions, engaging in market research, or contacting us both online and offline, including:

–       Information such as your name, address, phone number(s), and email address.

–       Demographic information includes preferences, interests, age, and family information.

–       Feedback questionnaires, reviews, photograph or video submissions, holiday queries, and marketing requests are all examples of holiday-related information.

–       Information related to quoting and booking a holiday, including names, emergency contacts, and special assistance needs, such as any disability or medical or dietary restrictions (which may reveal your religious beliefs), passport information, dates of birth, insurance information, visa information, country of residence, and nationality.

–       We do not save financial information such credit card numbers, bank account numbers, or security codes.

–       We automatically get information when you use the website, use our marketing material, or contact us via email or phone, such as your browsing and search histories. We may also utilise industry-standard software solutions like Google Analytics to track and gather session data, such as time spent on certain sites, page activity, and repeat visitors.

–       The domain and IP address that your computer uses to access to the internet; your computer, browser, operating system, internet connection, referral information, search phrases and other basic information gathered by default by technologies such as Google Analytics.

–       Telephone information, including phone numbers, call length, and call recordings, is used for training and quality control purposes.

What we do with the information that we get?

We need your information to understand your needs and offer you with a better service, and for the following reasons:

–       Internal records are kept for auditing and regulatory purposes.

–       We may use your information to enhance our goods and services.

–       Using the email address you supplied, we may send promotional emails about new goods, special deals, or other information that we believe you may be interested in.

–       We may use the information for marketing reasons, such as displaying advertisements on our or other websites based on your previous visits, preferences, and interactions with us.

–       We may use your personal information to contact you for market research reasons.

–       We may use the information to tailor and customise the content on our website based on your preferences.

–       We may contact you by email, phone, or mail unless you indicate otherwise.

How will we utilise your information?

We will utilise personal data for several purposes, including:

–       Serving your needs and bookings.

–       Completing travel reservations (including sharing your booking information with other parties to accomplish your booking)

–       Notifying you of any changes to bookings or issues with a chalet reservation.

–       To assist detect fraud

–       To send you marketing communications.

–       To notify you with information about our services, goods, or offers from our chalets or holidays

If you engage with us over the internet, we may periodically contact you via email about our services and properties. When you initially enter personal information to our website or app, we will usually give you the option to specify whether you do not want us to contact you in this way. You may alter your choices at any time by sending us an email.

When Lodge Destinations handles bookings, it may transmit your information to credit reporting agencies and utilise the results to prevent fraudulent transactions.

How We Use Cookies

We may use cookies for a variety of purposes, including enhancing your experience on our website, improving our overall services, and displaying adverts and offers that are more relevant to you across our channels. Cookies are little bits of data kept on your device by your browser. These enable us to save your account information and offer options that make browsing and booking simpler. Most browsers allow you to disable cookies. If you’re not sure how to accomplish this, check your browser’s help menu. For more information, see allaboutcookies.org.

Information we get from third-party sources

We may obtain personal data about you from third-party sources (such as Facebook and Google), but only after ensuring that these third parties have your consent or are otherwise legally authorised or obligated to transmit your personal information to us. 

Profiling, address, and interest data are among the sorts of information we gather from third parties, and we use this information to tailor our services as well as maintain and enhance the accuracy of the records we keep about you.

Cookies can still be used during private browsing. However, its longevity is shorter because it is restricted to the length of your trip. This private mode allows you to surf the Web without storing your browsing or download history.

Contact us

If you have any concerns regarding our privacy policy, the data we store on you, or if you want to exercise one of your data protection rights, please contact us at:

Lodge Destinations Sàrl

Chemin des Planches 1

CH 1028 Préverenges


Or find us on our contact page

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