Luxury Ski Chalets for the season or annual rentals

Where can you find ski chalets for the season or annual rental?

If you want to visit the mountains several times a year, Lodge Destinations has the best luxury ski chalets for the season or annual rentals.

Ski chalets for the season or annual rentals, all in our offer

How to decide whether ski chalets for the season or annual rentals?

Within Lodge Destinations‘ offer, we have the best ski chalets for the season or annual rentals.

Whether you are a corporate client looking for a chalet to entertain your most valuable business partners, or a keen skier looking for spending hours on the slopes, a seasonal rental is a very good option for you!

The benefits of annual rentals

Firstly, the annual rental is always a cheaper option and a more practical one. Having to look for the ideal lodge for your plans and make reservations every time is always a waste of time and money.
Furthermore, every time you rent for a period of time, in this case yearly, you get a special reduced-price fee for your annual stay.

On the other hand, among the other benefits you’ll enjoy, a seasonal lift ticket will be less than half the price of a two-week ticket.

As for the freedom to go in and out of your seasonal ski property, we understand about having to move all your things tightly contained in the car, driving to and from the airport becomes a challenge, so, the rental offers you great versatility anytime you choose to fly.

Then, we have a range of luxurious chalets and apartments available for rent in a variety of European resorts. Invite friends and family to keep in touch at a moment’s notice and share your experience with them.
Last but not least, seasonal rental gives you the chance to really get to know the resort and its slopes.
If you are looking for the best property to go on annual rental, Lodge Destinations has an option for you. We also have some off-line properties as well, so do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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