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2 September 2021

We cannot wait for 21/22 ski vacation in the Alps!

Do you miss the sights, sounds, and feelings of the slopes? Don’t worry, the slopes will open in less than 100 days…and hopefully we will all enjoy a ski vacation in the Alps!

ski vacation in the Alps

The last year or two has been a test of patience for many skiers who could not travel to ski resorts. We were confined to our houses and could only watch as photos after images of magnificent winter snowfalls from across the world came up on our screens.

However, that appears to be changing this winter. As international travel becomes more accessible, the ski industry looks to be optimistic about a return to the slopes. There’s a good chance that winter 21/22 will find us appreciating all the little things we’ve missed about visiting the slopes more than ever before. Whether it’s the fresh Alpine air, the pre-ski holiday buzz, the après boogies, or the delectable mountain food, a year off has us all dedicated to appreciating the little pleasures of a ski vacation in a whole new manner.

What are resorts doing to prepare the next ski vacation in the Alps?

At the moment, it appears like many ski resorts are preparing for a ski season that is as near to normal as we can achieve at this point in time.

As summer draws to a close, several glacier ski locations are already open, with many more set to open in the coming weeks and months.

Last autumn, the Alps experienced a lot of great high altitude snowfalls, so it’s definitely something to keep an eye on if you want to get your ski legs back a few months early!

Of course, we cannot predict exactly how every aspect of a ski vacation will look (restrictions on indoor dining, social distancing, mask wearing, and so on may be in place and vary by country), but it appears that most resorts are confident that this season will be a vast improvement over the previous.

Luxury chalets Courchevel 1850
Fireworks in Courchevel 1850

So, what are you most looking forward to getting back on track with?

Here at Lodge Destinations, we have been debating the five things we miss most about the mountains, and it was difficult to narrow it down to just five…

1. The Pre-Holiday Excitement!

Packing and planning for a ski vacation is ten times more enjoyable than any other vacation! There’s something wonderful about digging into the depths of your storage cabinets and dusting out those venerable bags of ski gear and clothes. You’re not just throwing anything into a suitcase; you’re carefully making sure you have all the necessary stuff, and each piece foreshadows the adventures ahead.

It’s not just the packing; we’ve missed the full pre-holiday atmosphere. From watching the days tick away until the early morning airport run and reunions with your family and skiing friends in the departure lounge. It’s because you know this is going to be a great week, full of incredible adventures and fun.

2. Stay in your private chalet

Whether you are choosing to stay in a self-catered luxury apartment or a luxury catered chalet, it is best to book with a reliable and well-established agent or ski operator. Lodge Destinations has years of expertise in ski resorts and knows the resorts inside and out. We provide a pleasant, highly personalized service to guarantee that everyone in your party has a great experience, regardless of age.

After you’ve made your reservation, you may delegate the organization of your in-resort needs to the local concierge service. There are frequently group or family discounts available on ski lessons, lift passes, and equipment rental, but getting the best prices might take some effort, especially if you’ve never organized a ski vacation before. All of this may be arranged by our team of experts.

3. The Food

Aside from the skiing itself, the spectacular mountain food is something that people miss about skiing. There’s nothing like it, especially after a long day of skiing! Sitting down around the fireplace of your chalet with friends or family over a bottle of wine. You will enjoy a private dinner cooked by your private chef and have a table full of hearty (typically cheese-based) cuisine to debrief on the day?

4. The Mountains

There’s something remarkable about the mountains’ distinct splendor. It’s no surprise that when you attempt to convey the appeal of skiing to someone, this is one of the first things you try to communicate — the fresh mountain air, the magnificent mountain views, the shine of the snow…

- We cannot wait for 21/22 ski vacation in the Alps!

Simply being amid these snow-capped peaks offers a sense of calm and separation from daily life. It’s an opportunity for us to spend time together in a new way, with fun-filled days on the slopes and cozy evenings in our favorite alpine resorts.

5. Off-Piste Adventures

There is all of the fun you can have without even having to ski – all of the other snowy activities that the slopes can provide. If you can tear yourself away from the slopes for a few hours, there is so much variation in each and every ski resort just waiting to be discovered!

If you believe skiing is only about skiing – whether it’s horseback riding, ice skating, dog sledding, ice driving, or simply relaxing in a jacuzzi looking out over the mountains and so much more!

Are you planning a ski vacation in the Alps? Browse our collection of luxury chalets in the Alps to locate yours. Do not hesitate to contact us for booking.

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