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    What to consider when booking a family ski holiday

    A great family ski holiday will leave you with lifelong memories and also a lifelong love for winter snow sports. That said, it takes some meticulous preparation, analysis and sincere self-reflection to build such a holiday as to our own skills and goals. Exposing children to high weather, mentally tiring days, and using advanced devices will make it a difficult activity for all family members – and that is before the travel can add in any tiredness. For so many opportunities out there when it comes to the best locations, mountain ranges, resorts and service offerings for skiing – it can all feel pretty daunting trying to create the ideal holiday from behind the computer screen.

    With this in mind, here are 5 things to remember when planning a family ski holiday with your family.

    family ski holiday

    Ensure the destination is fine for a family ski holiday

    When planning on ski holiday with your family, this is important to ensure whether the area is good for the kid's ages. What are the desires and skill levels of the traveler?

    The excess snow will also make it more difficult for beginner adults and kids to train on the slope. The weather and cold extremities do nothing to make things simpler. Therefore – even though an area is the new hot spot on the bucket list of the ski resort and is showing up all over the social media and travel forums, be sure to thoroughly study it before you book. Ensure that the landscape to usual conditions matches with your needs and desires.

    Confining yourself from the area to the resort / village / mountain in which you want to live, it is very important to do your homework and make decisions according to the needs and wishes of those traveling. What ski slopes are close by and what sort of skier they are ideal for will be a major deciding factor. Many resorts are obviously best fit for experienced skiers looking to be tested, while others are more generally tailored to beginners and/or families and as a result these resorts are also more focused on catering to this group. Every mountain and ski slope on the planet is different, so no matter how successful the marketing campaign of a resort is, always do your own work to test if the mountains you are considering in the resort are really the right option for your family.

    Find the right accommodation

    It's hard to decide what kind of accommodation you'd like to concentrate on. Hotels have the benefit of providing services at their disposal. They will offer convenient access to a restaurant or can offer a meal cooked for you and. That said, sharing a hotel with other members of the public is for others not dreaming of a ski trip. Many of the higher-end accommodation offerings are self-catered luxury apartments or luxury ski chalets. They usually come with concierge service, in-resort driver service... If dining out doesn't appeal, you can even have private chefs to cater to your dinners in a private chalet.

    Before you decide which type of accommodation suits you best, spend a couple of minutes talking about the place. Were you interested in visiting shops and bars, or are you interested in nature after the calm, silence and immersion? And, if you have little ones, you want easy access to the mountain. For sure, without having to walk across the valley to take care of the skis of your child!

    Check the ‘Terms & Conditions” with cancellation policy

    In this Covid19 time and a subsequent travel standstill, the cancelation policy and/or refund promise is of utmost importance. For so many risks, it's more critical than ever that you're reading the fine print and making sure you're willing to cancel if you act improperly during your journey. Ideally, operators will take reservations with delay payments until even closer to the winter season. That would offer peace of mind while reserving in advance.

    Select the right ski agent or operator

    You should not leave it to chance, whatever you plan, get everything booked in advance. Through making sure you book with an established and trustworthy service, take the tension out of any pre-holiday preparation. They'll be able to plan it for you and you can get on with having a nice time.

    This is where our expertise comes to you! We at Lodge Destinations, are here to find the perfect chalet or apartment that matches your desire! And, we will take care of everything for you!

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