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    4 best reasons to book Corporate Luxury Ski Trips

    Corporate luxury ski trips activities, and incentives that include your company’s logo.

    Every year, we collaborate with business customers to design their Alps holidays. We offer a number of properties that are excellent for business use. These chalets would often offer variable bedroom arrangements to accommodate visitors in twin or solitary occupancy rooms, as well as being strategically positioned to provide easy access to other major resort facilities. However, we acknowledge that each corporate event is an investment made by your firm, with distinct goals and objectives. We will assist you in realizing your goals, regardless of whether your trip is for:

    • Client Entertainment
    • Conferences and Events
    • Team Building
    • Incentive Travel

    What distinguishes our corporate luxury ski trips?


    No two businesses are alike, and neither are two of our journeys. Our concierge staff will collaborate with your organization to create a customized itinerary for your party. We’ll even brand it and offer you tools to engage delegates prior to the trip. We understand that arranging huge gatherings of individuals may be challenging, therefore we normally urge that this be done meticulously. This means that each day, from breakfast to supper, your delegates will have a defined plan with designated times for business activities and, of course, some fun. It goes without saying that the team will also make all necessary bookings with suppliers and venues, leaving your team free to enjoy the event.

    luxury ski chalet experience|


    Every trip has a budget, and we understand that this will normally require prior clearance and sign off. To make things easier, we may offer a clear package per delegate that includes transports, equipment rental, passes, training, and any other activity that we prepare as part of the schedule. This means that we can work with you from the beginning of the planning phase to establish a budget and make the administrative aspects as straightforward as possible.


    Most of our clients want to spend 3 to 4 days away on vacation, and we can accommodate this most weeks of the season, with arrivals often on a Sunday or Wednesday / Thursday. Many clients are now attempting to optimize their return on investment by booking split vacations in which two groups of delegates (or even family) spend a full week with a midweek changeover. Whatever your demands are, we can be flexible and accommodating.



    Your time is valuable, so don’t squander it by travelling. Many of our locations are less than an hour’s drive from Geneva airport, and we may have vehicles waiting for you when you arrive. Some of our guests choose to head straight to the slopes, where we have set up ‘pop-up’ ski fitting centers and bars, so the holiday can begin right away, even if it is too early to check into the chalet.

    Chalet Mandala

    A typical corporate luxury ski trip with Lodge Destinations

    Read a ski trip itinerary from one of our last corporate ski trips in the Alps.


    We go to the local airport to catch the first flight to Geneva… It’s early, but we’ve been waiting all year for this. The time has come.


    When we arrive in Geneva, we are greeted by our driver for a brief private ride to the resort. It’s still too early to check into the chalet after more than an hour, but our hosts have put up a snow bar for welcome drinks adjacent to the piste. Our equipment partner has also arrived, and they are getting our entire squad dressed out and ready to go. We’ve never gotten from the airport to the ski lift so quickly!


    A long afternoon on the slopes allows the crew to unwind and work off the exhilaration of returning to the Alps. As the light fades, we summon the chalet chauffeur, who meets us at the foot of the run and drives us back to Chalet The Old Macaroni, our luxury ski lodge and temporary home for the next four days.


    The fire is raging back at the chalet. Our luggage is already in our rooms, which have been tagged particularly for us. We have two beds in each room, however they are full-size singles. The rooms themselves are really huge, and with all of the amenities available, I doubt we’ll spend much time in them anyhow.

    Not bad for a group of 16 people. We all quickly change before meeting with our business lead and the event host to discuss the agenda. The chalet manager enters shortly after with afternoon tea… and a few drinks.


    Now that the trip’s objectives have been established, we may take some time to rest and unwind. Some of the crew has gone to sleep, but I go to the spa for a brief dip before relaxing in the hot tub. The fragrance of supper is beginning to permeate the air. At that point, I realized more than ever that the next several days of work would be difficult. So difficult.

    ||||||||||||||||||||||The Old Macaroni||||||||||||||
    domaine de l'orme breakfast table



    Everyone is awake for breakfast, and some of the team members have even gone to the gym. Is there a gym nearby? The ski guides have arrived to talk about the day. The aim is to divide into two groups based on experience and ski for a few hours before meeting for lunch. A private room has been reserved since, sadly, this isn’t simply a party, and crucial choices about next year’s company plan must be made.


    This morning’s skiing is fantastic. After only one run, the guide has us worked out and is now pushing us a little harder. We’re having a good time while also working hard… It’s the finest skiing I’ve done in a long time. We inquire as to their level of experience. One went to the Olympics, while the other teaches the SAS in polar navigation… it’s no surprise they figured us out so quickly.


    The sight of pencils and paper dampens our plans for a long, languid meal… but there’s always chocolate chaud to warm us up. Strategy is complete… dinner is in the works. This is some very delicious stuff…

    spa chalet whymper megeve


    While it’s tempting to sit by the fire or go to the bar, the guides urge us back out on the slopes. We’ve switched groups once more, this time to ski with people from various departments… We are told that teamwork is essential. Two of the team members take it a bit too seriously, crashing mid-piste, but they get up and joke about their newfound knowledge of one other.


    After a long day on the slopes, there are bound to be some aches and pains, so the option of a massage at the Spa is very appealing. I also visit the steam room and even the ice room… albeit briefly!


    Tonight is the big night – Japanese tasting meal. Their Head Chef created it as an in-chalet restaurant experience. How did I find out? Because he is the one who is preparing our meals. Some guests have reportedly likened it to other well-known venues, and I must say, it was excellent. We retire to bed after one or two more sakis than was probably prudent.

    DAY THREE comes even later than the day before…

    Today, before breakfast, we’ll do some yoga to “awaken our senses.” The fresh mountain air certainly blasts the cobwebs away, which is good because we have to deal with the business part of things this morning. We make excellent progress on what is more brunch than breakfast. Even the boss has a smile…

    highest ski lifts in Europe|||


    Our guides have returned, and given yesterday’s pace, we are happy to hear that today will be spent exploring the region a bit more. We climb to the highest point in the resort to take in the breathtaking views before descending into the treeline on the resort’s longest course. Just one more lift till we get at…


    Finally, we’ve arrived at La Folie Douce… The music is playing, and our private table is set with champagne. Result. The team is starting to unwind now, and you can see that everyone is pleased with what we’ve accomplished, as well as a newfound camaraderie with colleagues we hadn’t met before. How? Another glass of champagne? If you please…


    Our final morning is a leisurely affair… as much as the yoga was wonderful, so was the extra 30 minutes in bed. Poached Eggs are today’s breakfast special, and they are wonderful. Our shuttle is approaching, so I take a time to have an espresso on the balcony and breathe in the lovely mountain air.

    Looking for a coporate ski trip in the Alps?

    If you are seeking for corporate ski trips with your colleagues, we have a wide range of chalets for you to have the best ski getaway. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will plan together the best ski trip for your colleagues. 

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