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14 September 2022


Why do we plan on booking a luxury ski holiday? When should we arrange a ski vacation? How can we schedule a ski vacation? Who do we plan our ski vacation with? We’ve been asking ourselves these questions every year. We are always asking ourselves how we can better, how we can push forward, how we can advertise ourselves, and how we can attract more people. It’s an intriguing psychology, and we’ve never really discovered the “perfect solution.”

Why do we plan a ski vacation?

Booking a luxury ski holiday makes you happy. It’s thrilling. It’s something to be excited about. It’s a sense of control, a framework, and preparation for something you truly want to do.

If you enjoy skiing, you will plan a ski vacation. If you enjoy the culture of the French Alps, for example, you would most certainly plan a trip to France. If you prefer the Austrian spirit, you should plan a ski trip to Austria.

ski vacation in the Alps

Skiing is a sport; it is outside, athletic, exhilarating, and adrenaline-pumping. To be termed a “skier or a boarder,” you must like all of these activities. Or you wouldn’t schedule a ski vacation…..

The Alps cater for that – the mountains, the terrain, the number of kilometres of piste, the limitless off piste, the quality of the lift system, the speed of access, the ‘guaranteed’ snow, the restaurant selection, the après ski – none of this is under our control (Lodge Destinations). That is the buyer’s choice.

So, what can we do about the topic, “Why do we schedule a ski vacation?”

Some people do not ski yet wish to see the Alps. So, what draws them (apart from the mountains?). Accommodation? Hospitality? Service?

We may strive for the best product. We have the ability to build the most magnificent luxury chalets. We can provide the greatest, most thorough service and guarantee the best experience whether skiing or not. We can take care of you in our own special way. All of things Lodge Destinations strives to achieve. We want to provide the best service possible to our clients. To be the best and to deliver the best….. We want all of our visitors to have the finest ski (or non-ski) experience they’ve ever had with us. We want it to be personalized and well-planned so that it is precisely what ‘you want out of your vacation.’

When do we plan on booking a luxury ski holiday ?

I’m sure many individuals have spent a lot of time, mental capacity, and money examining booking trends and algorithms, investigating booking timings, early reservations, and late bookings. Trying to figure out if it’s the price, the psychology of a sale, last-minute availability, or a price drop….or if you plan ahead, pick what you want, schedule what you want, and get what you want. Is it a’regular booking offer,’ a’returners discount,’ a ‘limited time deal,’ or are frequent customers so desperate not to miss out on their preferred property, in their preferred resort, with their preferred service, that they book a year in advance….

Again, based on our study, there is no silver bullet solution….no buzzer beater….no holy grail of booking patterns. Simply said, there is no pattern to arranging a ski vacation.

Yes, there are spikes and dips in sales, and they may create a ‘loose pattern.’ Typically excellent sales near the conclusion of a season for the next winter, with a little fall in the summer months when it’s hot and no one thinks about snow or skiing. Picks up towards the end of August/beginning of September when schools reopen, holidays are finished, and people are eager for their next major vacation – which happens to be winter…. Slows and drops again around December, but generally picks up again with a flurry immediately after New Year’s.

booking a luxury ski holiday
Chalet Northrock – Verbier
Chalet Face à Face – Val d’Isère

That is, without a doubt, a very normal trend for the majority of ski firms, and there will be ideas as to what/why/when to seek for some logic and justification.

However, in complete defiance of that pattern, and in addition to some of the suggestions made above, we have some of the best and largest bookings come in the middle of summer, when the weather is at its hottest and everyone is on vacation…but don’t forget that there are many countries in this wonderful world who have their winter in our summer and are already thinking about skiing. We have many foreign guests who plan holidays to coincide with their own home country’s holiday times, which is the delight of having a reliable and consistent international customer. The holidays in Australia and the United States differ from those in the United Kingdom and Europe. Scandinavian holidays deviate from the main European dates, while the South American market provides another date check for high availability throughout the euro winter season.

Weekend skiing is quite popular. We try to provide weekend / short / reverse weekend vacations. It is extremely popular with our corporate ski market, as well as regular’ski groups’ who only come for three or four days of skiing. Our weekends are scheduled a year (or more) in advance due to the high demand for short getaways, particularly in the corporate ski sector. Because there aren’t many chalet operators who provide customised, premium chalets for larger parties, it’s critical to book early!

How can we schedule a ski vacation?

The straightforward answer is online or in person.

Because it is so simple, shopping online is becoming increasingly popular. You can practically ‘click and collect’ your ski vacation if you know what you want. It’s great if you know exactly what you want, where you want it, what you’ll receive, and how you want it…quick, it’s efficient, and verified with a few clicks of your touchpad or smartphone. It’s the convenience of consumption. If it works for you, that’s great. If you don’t know what you’re searching for and want a plethora of ideas and suggestions to fit your taste, budget, likes and dislikes – an online agency is ideal for providing you with as much choice as you have time to pick it!


You may book in person, over the phone with a live person, by email, or even stroll into a travel agency and speak to someone face to face.

Ask a specialist to assist you in finding the ideal property, use a regular agent/agency who knows your likes and dislikes to assist you in booking your ideal holiday, or find the operator you most enjoy holidaying with and enjoy the personal approach to ensuring you have every aspect of your holiday covered.

You have a lot of options when it comes to booking a vacation, and it is extremely personal. What makes you book one method over another – one again, I’ve investigated, read, and debated probable solutions with a slew of friends, colleagues, professionals, journalists, insiders, and specialists, and it’s a personal choice.

We know at Lodge Destinations that we want to connect with our visitors since we designed it up this way. You can’t ‘click and collect,’ you can’t select from a plethora of possibilities, you can’t piece together your trip on the internet – we want to talk to you, we want to put together your best ever vacation. We want to go through all of the finer points so that your ski vacation with us is as personalised as possible for you and your group. We have a nice website that provides all of the important information and conveys our picture. We have fantastic professionals in our office who know the product and service better than anyone else and who will put together your trip and help you through your vacation. We then have outstanding concierge staff who ensure that the entire trip is flawless from start to finish, and we supplement that with our in-resort personnel who guarantee that our promises are kept.

That is our decision, and that is our market. Yes, it may limit our market size, but we’re fine with it. Maybe because we know we do it quite well in our own psychology of arranging a ski vacation. Maybe?

Chalet Gilt – Megève
Chalet Old Macaroni – Morzine

Who do we plan our ski vacation with?

Everyone has a specialty and a unique selling point; the issue for any marketer is getting that message through (not just a ski company). What factors influence a person’s decision to book with one firm over another? It’s known as the “ultimate question.” It’s the one for which we all desire the golden ticket, the front row seat to the flawless response……

I believe this question includes everything mentioned above, as well as a dash of chance, to arrive at your unique response….

If you don’t do it right the first time, you adjust it, go on, and get better.

If you’ve never travelled with a company before and are researching your trip, I’m sure there will be more straightforward answers like; financial protection, size of the company, time in business, the size of the portfolio, the service you receive, and so on…. but to me, it all comes down to TRUST.

If you have previously travelled with a company and are willing to book and travel with that same company again, it shows us that you had a fantastic time, loved it, want more of the same, and ultimately trust them to offer that same amazing experience.

So my response is TRUST.

Trust a firm that provides a high-quality product.

Trust a corporation that has been in operation for a long time.

A firm that has survived a couple economic downturns, Brexit, and a global epidemic and yet has its heads held high and does the right thing by their guests.

Trust a firm with excellent evaluations and a large number of repeat customers.

Trust a firm that pledges to provide you with the greatest experience possible.

Trust a corporation with a worldwide reputation, as evidenced by a diverse guest list.

Trust a firm that is constantly striving to improve and expand its offerings.

Trust a firm that is proud of who it is and what it does.

We hope to see you on the slopes!

Please contact us now if you are looking to plan a ski holiday this coming winter.

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