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    The Alps from Every Aspect at Brunnenhof Residence

    Discover the Brunnenhof Residence in the midst of the Austrian Alps, a chic newcomer to the famed Alpine village of Lech.

    Brunnenhof Residence has been completed in 2021 and is part of an attractive collection of serviced apartments in the heart of Lech. Following a thorough refurbishment of all aspects of this magnificent structure, it is now home to 14 lovely and elegant apartments. Every part of the makeover has been meticulously planned and performed in order to incorporate everything you might desire in an alpine house. The property also has excellent shared amenities such as an indoor pool, spa, hammam, sauna, and treatment room. The Brunnenhof Residence, with its access to Lech’s fantastic skiing and spectacular restaurant and social scene, is the ideal location for an enjoyable visit in Lech.

    Brunnenhof Residence in Lech

    Apartment Brunnenhof 6: For the Daring

    Apartment Brunnenhof 6 is for you if you feel like Jean-Claude Killy the moment you put your ski boots on. From top to bottom, this house is an adventurer’s haven, complete with antique skis and ski batons and cosy plaids. Spend the day on the slopes, then as night arrives, gather everyone for a delightful fondue supper.

    Apartment Brunnenhof 6, lounge, Lech
    Apartment Brunnenhof 7||||||||||||||||||

    Apartment Brunnenhof 7: Less is more

    If you believe that the Alps’ charm stands on its own, Apartment Brunnenhof 7 is for you. It is the ideal home for minimalists, as it is clean and streamlined. The living rooms, with their bare wood and recessed lighting, are ideal for enjoying handmade hot chocolate after a long day of skiing. The enormous dining table was meant to gather people together for a nice dinner before finishing the evening in the living area with a board game by the fire.

    God Save the Alps, Apartment Brunnenhof 8

    Do you enjoy Downton Abbey and appreciate British humour? Then Apartment Brunnenhof 8 will have you saying “cheers!” It’s always tea time in this tranquil oasis. You might spend your day nestled up by the fireplace with a nice book and forget to put on your skis, thanks to the pastel accent colours, soft couches, and cushioned armchairs.

    Apartment Brunnenhof 11: Alps of Austria

    Apartment Brunnenhof 11 is a contemporary homage to Tyrolean traditions designed for mountain enthusiasts. There’s no need to wear traditional clothing to find oneself in the heart of the Austrian Alps, thanks to the exposed timbers on the ceiling, ancient maps on the wall in the dining room, and slate murals in the kitchen. Make sure to try the native cuisine, which is as good as it is difficult to pronounce. Spinatknödel and Kaspressknödel are on the menu!

    apartment Brunnenhof 11, living room, Lech

    Apartment Brunnenhof 12: Traditional Alps

    Are you always ready to put on your best outfit and thaw out the après-ski to the music of Donna Summer and Cerrone’s biggest songs, no matter what the calendar says? In such situation, travel back in time to Apartment Brunnenhof 12. The decor of this antique home is both retro and modern, harkening back to the 1970s, the golden period of studio 54 and flared apparel. Scandinavian chairs, marble fireplaces, circular tables, and designer lamps are all classic accents that provide warmth to the space. For those who have never truly said goodbye to disco, this fashionable chalet is an invitation to cocoon between two genres, or two choreographies.

    Apartment Brunnenhof 12||||||||||||||||||||||Brunnenhof Residence||

    The Brunnenhof apartments are to be rented over the winter but also during the summer season to enjoy the most of the Austrian Alps all year long!

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