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    Chamonix in summer 2023

    Mother Nature might always surprise us, but summer is on the way : Chamonix in summer.

    As another cold winter comes to an end, those longer days that renew your soul are just around the corner. Discover our blog regarding summer in Chamonix and enjoy your next alpin getaway!

    Summer in Chamonix

    Those hazy spring skiing days signify the start of a new season. After a thrilling morning on the slopes, you reward yourself with an alfresco lunch on your favorite warm sunny patio. Layers are removed, and naked t-shirt arms soak in the glorious Alpine sunlight. These hours are no longer spent holding a vin chaud for dear life in an attempt to thaw fingers. You may kiss your frozen gloves goodbye and welcome to ice cubes clinking their way around your wine glass.

    The sights and sounds change as winter gives way to spring and summer. The sensory onslaught of seasonal change is hypnotic. The Alps are converted from a winter paradise to a riot of wild flowers dancing in lush meadows. Chamonix is the resort that embraces summer the most enthusiastically.

    Chamonix golf court summer
    summer family hiking in the Alps

    The skis and snowboards may have seen their final waxing, but there is a seemingly endless array of endorphin-inducing activities to look forward to instead. As the snow melts, endless hiking and biking trails emerge, crisscrossing Chamonix’s rugged terrain. Those looking for adrenaline will never have to deal with the disappointment at the end of the season again. Hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, road cycling, trail running, rock climbing, paragliding, golfing, rafting, kayaking, and tennis are all popular activities. Chamonix’s status as a summer Alpine paradise is well-deserved.

    As temperatures rise, so do the number of layers. The car-free center and cobblestone lanes of Chamonix are packed with tempting equipment shops. Months of luscious down coats and high performance salopettes have given way to a stunning selection of sporting attire. After your retail therapy senses have been overloaded, it’s time to grab your lift pass and run free. In the summer, many of Chamonix’s ski lifts are open, providing easy and affordable access to the high mountains.

    However, if you’re getting dizzy just reading this, let us calm you down. We recognize that not everyone’s ideal day is defined by the quantity of thrills, spills, and adrenaline spikes. In the summer, Chamonix and Mont Blanc will welcome the entire family. When the family is separated between thigh-deep powder and an exotic beach lounger in the winter, summer is the time to unify.

    The perfect day will begin with a leisurely breakfast on your chalet’s delightfully sunbaked patio. You may be confident that your chef understands the genuine meaning of breakfast to set you up for the day. But first, make sure you have an extra chair at the table. You’ll need it for the towering collapsing glacier above you.

    If your day consists of carrying sunglasses, a comfortable spare pair of shoes, and few extra Euros rather than a helmet, body armor, and tyre pump, Chamonix will be your favorite week of the summer. Take a break from the majesty of Chamonix’s breathtaking surroundings by taking a day trip to Geneva or Annecy, lovingly known as the “Venice of the Alps,” or go through the Mont Blanc tunnel to Courmayeur. Whether you want to spend your day relaxing on the shores of Lake Annecy or Lake Geneva, soaking in a thermal spa, or discovering your inner Italian on a wine and cheese tasting excursion over the border. Who said thrilling activities had to be vertical and hair-raising?

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    Chamonix is ready to rekindle the love of the mountains in even the youngest members of the family, who were unable to enjoy the Alps in all their previous winter beauty. Lac de Passy is only a half-hour drive from your luxury chalet and is warm enough for even the youngest potential skiers to play in throughout the summer months. After all, it’s not every day that your lifeguard is a towering range of snowy peaks.

    If, like many parents, you have spent numerous hours convincing your children that marmots are not magical creatures, it is time to pay a visit to Merlet Animal Park. This natural reserve of alpine pastures, located above Chamonix’s Les Houches hamlet, is home to eight distinct Alpine species.

    With so many things for people of all ages to enjoy, your daily issue, aside from whether to eat another wonderful pastry, is what to do today. However, one thing is certain. As our valuable clients, you can count on returning to one of the most luxurious chalets in the Alps at the end of each action-packed day.

    Winter was spent calculating the Olympic distance between the luxury of the wellness suite and the soothing heat of the hot tub. Allow the slog of slippered feet through a snowy path to become a distant memory. Enjoy the hours when champagne welcomes you home and canapés are served by the poolside during the lovely summer months. Summer was intended for hours like this.

    Go on. It’s time to savor the summer months of bliss in Chamonix Mont Blanc !

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