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    Courchevel 1650: Hot and Cold Mountain Winds

    Today, we take you on a discovery trip in Courchevel 1650, complete with snowy slopes, freezing rides in powder snow, and hearty Savoyard specialties.

    How do you pick amongst the four opulent levels: Courchevel Le Praz, Courchevel 1550, Courchevel 1650, and Courchevel 1850? Today, we’ll take you on a tour of the luxury vacation location of Courchevel 1650!

    Courchevel 1650


    Courchevel 1650, located at an elevation of 1650 meters in the old hamlet of “Moriond l’ensoleillé,” is the land of snow and sun. The resort’s sunny weather is due to its location: clinging to the mountain’s southwestern slope, its alpine chalets are drenched in sunlight from morning to sunset. Ideal conditions for enjoying all that luxury ski trips have to offer!

    Courchevel 1650 strikes the ideal balance between the opulent atmosphere of Courchevel 1850 and the rustic charm of Courchevel 1550. Put on your ski helmets and succumb to the magnetic allure of a Courchevel ski vacation while enjoying the ideal balance of chilling cold and comfortable warmth of the mountains.

    Courchevel 1650|||5 most difficult ski runs in the Alps|


    The Vallée des Gravelles was formed in the heart of Savoie by freezing winds and frozen rivers. The resort of Courchevel 1650 established itself in this pristine environment, on a sunny slope. The mountain lodges at the foot of the slopes are flanked by gleaming shop displays and huge tables large enough for the entire family to sit and enjoy the delights of alpine specialties!

    Begin your quest to conquer the Three Valleys:

    Courchevel 1650 has a long history of winter sports dating back to the 1930s. The resort’s initial chalets and ski lifts were built about this period. Courchevel 1650, once operated by the Société des Téléskis de Moriond, a local-run enterprise, is now part of the Domaine des Trois Vallées. It is a skier’s heaven, with over 600 kilometers of slopes encompassing all three basins of the Tarentaise!

    Courchevel 1650 is an excellent choice for a family ski vacation. It is known for its mild slopes, and you will be spoiled for choice amongst the resort’s green, blue, and red runs. Children will enjoy the resort’s “Western Ski Park,” which is located above the Ariondaz gondola lifts and features 25,000 square meters of moderate slopes and fun geared to child skiers.

    luxury ski chalet experience|

    Are you a seasoned skier? Follow in the footsteps of a former Olympic ski cross champion and local who will show you all the greatest areas in the valley. A trip in Courchevel 1650 is also an excellent opportunity to learn about off-piste skiing, with hundreds of different excursions.

    dog sledding snow

    Explore the mountain with excellent company:

    A trip to the French Alps means reconnecting with nature. Meet a local musher and his canine sled crew. These cute pups will lead you through the woods to a hidden yurt where you will hear ancient stories of trappers from the Far North.

    You can also explore the valley in another way. Begin your snowshoe adventure by discovering a farmhouse hidden in the mountains. A black horse will be waiting for you there. Allow your amazing guide to lead you and transform you into an adventurer for the day. Your tour will lead you to some of the most spectacular vistas in the region: breathtaking views of Mont-Blanc or the Vanoise massif will give you goosebumps, and not from the cold!

    Fly across the clouds:

    There isn’t a cloud in the sky over Courchevel 1650. To discover them, you must trek considerably higher, up to the steep summits of the mountains. Leave early in the morning and ascend to the Courchevel Altiport. Your ship awaits you there, more than 2000 meters above sea level.

    Fly above the skies with your entire family in a hot-air balloon. There will be no schedule; simply follow the winds for an off-piste adventure in the air. Enjoy breakfast or the outstanding “toast of the Aerostiers” while admiring the spectacular panorama of the Vanoise natural park.

    courchevel 1850 altiport


    You might spend hours exploring the infinite expanses of snow on the domaine, or getting lost in the fir forests teeming with wild creatures, but you’d inevitably end up returning home to find safety. Courchevel 1650 understands how to warm the hearts of individuals who have spent the day experiencing the wonders of the outdoors, from the simple joys of hot chocolate by the fireplace to the most amazing excursions.

    Chalet Bacchus||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

    Consider renting a 5-star chalet:

    After a day on the slopes, there is only one thing to look forward to: a warm respite in one of our luxury chalets. Nothing beats a roaring fire and a steaming hot chocolate when cuddled up under a blanket for some.

    Others associate holidays in Courchevel 1650 with wealth and pleasure. If that’s your thing, go for Chalet Bacchus. It is one of the resort’s gems, with its luxurious sauna and private chef. The chilly wind of the Alps will be a distant memory as you jump into the heated pool while drinking a glass of champagne.

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    Photo of Chalet Bacchus

    Photo of Chalet Labaobou, Courchevel 1650

    Chalet Ultima 4bedrooms, Courchevel 1650

    Set aside your preconceived notions about Savoyarde food.

    When it’s time for supper, visit one of the numerous restaurants in Courchevel 1650 and reserve a seat at Le Gaïa with friends or as a duet. “Your secret place to be,” as the chef likes to call this cozy spot, will help you forget about your preconceived notions about mountain cookery. Traditional torches that lit the slopes have been replaced by subtle candles, creating an intimate mood in the beautiful dining area. Begin the evening with a glass of champagne and some vegetarian snacks. Then, to the music of a live saxophone, enjoy a cuisine worthy of a Michelin-starred restaurant: tuna tataki and aromatic langoustine ravioli, delectable sweetbreads and Paris-Brest revisited. A must-see during your luxury vacation in Courchevel 1650.

    Photo from Gaïa Restaurant in Courchevel 1650.

    But we can’t stress it enough: the resort of Courchevel 1650 stands out for its welcoming and original vibe. It is the ideal location for your Alps family vacation. The ski-in/ski-out ambience of the Bistrot Manali is ideal for families and large parties. This restaurant, located on the snow front of Courchevel Moriond, serves traditional cuisine with simple and comfortable meals. But you come for the stunning vista of the Saulire River with Courchevel 1850 in the distance. Allow the kids to have a snowball battle in front of this breathtaking view as you savor a piece of steak or a crozets risotto.

    Photo from Manali Lodge, Courchevel 1650. 

    Courchevel 1650 seems like it’s straight out of a Christmas story, with its high heights, snow-covered forests, and white-wrapped wooden huts. This wonderful environment evokes fantasies, childhood memories, and remarkable s

    Have the best ski holiday in Courchevel 1650!

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    Lodge Destinations may help you realize your greatest winter fantasies. Allow us to transform your ski vacation with our personalized service, professional advice, and the ideal luxury ski chalet to serve as the background for your unforgettable moments and have the best luxury ski chalet experience.

    Enjoy the Alps’ stunning splendor knowing that every aspect has been carefully selected for your delight. Make an inquiry with our staff today to begin your adventure.

    If you are interested in skiing and discover one of the most beautiful ski resort in Europe then don’t hesitate and contact us.
     We look forward to hearing from you !

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