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24 September 2021

Courchevel is a ski resort with six ski resorts in one

Courchevel is: six villages, one resort! Discover no less than six towns in the midst of world-famous Courchevel, each with its own distinct personality, providing you an unforgettable alpine stay. Snowsports, wildlife, and other unique activities to share with family or friends await you at Courchevel. Allow yourself to be charmed by this famous resort with a well-established reputation that yet has plenty of surprises in store for you.

Courchevel is reinventing itself this year to give you a plethora of activities, from the most traditional to the most unexpected, to enjoy with friends or family!

ski de fond Arthur bertrand les 3 vallees
Photo: Arthur Bertrand

Nordic skiing: Athletic or Reformative?

Cross-country skiing is great if you prefer to workout at your own speed and slide on snow without going too quickly.

The Nordic ski area at Courchevel, with its 100 kilometers of defined and groomed pistes, will satisfy all of your wishes. There are free paths leading from each of Courchevel’s communities that are wild, steep, beginning, and even challenging.

Choose one of eleven itineraries ranging in length from 2.5 to 18 kilometers and go off to experience a sport that provides a tremendous sense of freedom.

A revitalizing activity in a breathtaking environment.

On your snowshoes, explore nature.

Wander beneath the pine trees, get into the powder, follow animal tracks, and lose yourself in the heart of Courchevel’s natural surroundings while wearing snowshoes.

The resort provides eleven snowshoe treks and, with them, the solution to any desire to retreat, whether for infrequent hikers or expert sportspeople.

Discover the vast, wide open expanses of the Vanoise natural park while snowshoeing in a magnificent setting. Allow nature to nurture you with all of its advantages – a time of absolute tranquillity in Courchevel.

raquettes les 3 vallees courchevel
Photo: Arthur Bertrand

Courchevel has six villages, each with its own distinct personality.

The Courchevel resort consists of six separate towns scattered along a winding mountain route from Saint-Bon all the way up to globally famous Courchevel 1850.

Each hamlet has its own particular personality, which is generally authentic, historic, and family-oriented, with vibrant après-ski and, of course, luxury chalets and hotels. Although each town is unique, retail culture is a common thread that runs through them all.

village orelle courchevel
Photo: David Andre
village meribel night
Photo: David Andre

Nothing is left to chance in Courchevel; here, you may be guaranteed of the most memorable mountain vacation.

Ice Diving: A Glimpse of Happiness

Discover the icy thrill of ice diving in the Lac du Praz in Courchevel.

Plunge through a thick layer of ice into a fascinating and silent realm of ice, bathed in a unique light that will transport your senses. You float beneath the ice, shaken by air bubbles and enchanted by the dance of light and color contrasts.

Discover the secret and fleeting face of frozen alpine lakes by diving beneath the Lac du Praz.

A once-in-a-lifetime event that will be with you for the rest of your life.

Tobogganing is a sure-fire way to have a good time.

tobogan courchevel winter
Photo: David Andre

Tobogganing is a great way to have fun on the snow in Courchevel and is a great family activity.

It’s the Grand Prix version that’s on sale in Courchevel. Enjoy a thrilling three-kilometer ride on the Moriond Racing slope and find your inner Formula 1 racing driver!

The descent has a substantial vertical drop, eight tunnels, a double switchback, a carousel, and lengthy straights where you may let go of the brakes and achieve maximum speed.

Everyone is certain to have a great time.

Ski touring: for the more athletic

To earn the descent in ski touring, you must first ascend with your brow furrowed!

Discover 5 temporary safe itineraries in Courchevel for everyone, from regulars to newbies.

Starting at the snow front of Courchevel Moriond or 1850, you will ascend to 2200m in elevation to enjoy a spectacular view.

An great mountain sports activity that will allow you to rediscover the Courchevel region!

ski touring courchevel 2
Photo: Arthur Bertrand
ski touring courchevel
Photo: Arthur Bertrand

Courchevel from above

If you want to see Courchevel from a new perspective, what better way than from the sky?

Go to the altiport to board a tourist plane and soar above the Courchevel valley while taking in views of Mont Blanc, the Grande Casse, and the Saulire!

A great exercise for the entire family.

Pano flight alpine airline courchevel
Photo: Alpine Airlines

Most of our chalets and apartments are available to rent in winter, but also in the summer.

Discover our portfolio of luxury chalets in Courchevel  and contact us for more information on

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