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    Enjoy Zermatt in the summer

    Welcome to Zermatt in the summer!

    In Zermatt, there is one icon that reigns supreme from winter to summer. If you spent the winter exploring other slopes, now is the time to see the Matterhorn in all her beauty. Discover with us Zermatt in the summer !

    We’ve all had that sinking sensation as the conclusion of our favorite week approaches. That resigned feeling that it will be weeks before you hear that familiar and comforting “click” of your boots meeting your skis again. We welcome you to Zermatt in the summer!

    Zermatt has earned the right to brag about being available for skiing 365 days a year. The summer skiing world is your oyster from the Theodul Glacier. Enjoy all 21kms of well groomed pistes, including Snow Park Zermatt at the Plateau Rosa, which is home to Europe’s highest summer skiing. Bring your summer tan to the office or school playground and flaunt it with pride. I doubt many people return in September with a tan and such a richness of memories. Let us help you have the best summer ever in the Alps.

    Zermatt in the summer|zermatt in the summer|sheeps in zermatt in the summer|gornergrat in the summer zermatt|Matterhorn views from the Gornergrat platform in Zermatt|zermatt in the summer

    We recommend starting the day a little earlier than in previous winters to assure the greatest skiing. We guarantee you a table at one of our favorite alpine restaurants to reward and celebrate a thrilling morning on the slopes. Zermatt is a resort that understands the genuine meaning of building up an appetite. Do you want to go to Chez Vrony or Findlerhof today?

    It’s difficult to choose between the two, especially when you have no option but to ask the Matterhorn to lunch. Consider broad terraces soaking up the noon sun, your favorite vintage satisfying your thirst, and the most breathtaking views. This is where you make memories and where you long to return year after year.

    Leaving aside the Matterhorn, there is one other place that celebrates its ancient roots: Chez Vrony. The ancient recipes are the throbbing core of Chez Vrony, which still ensures it employs its own organic goods manufactured entirely from animals that have experienced an exquisite existence of Alpine pastures and panoramas. The dishes of dry-cured meat, sausages, and Alpine cheeses will be the highlight of your lazy afternoon. These are the days when you don’t mind the passing of the hours. The diary has been gone, appointments are something your PA handles for you, and your sole meeting this afternoon is with a glass of Champagne at canapé o’clock. Memories of these days, like Chez Vrony’s cuisine, are something you will pass down from generation to generation.

    Findlerhof, popularly known as Franz and Heidi’s, is also competing for your complete attention. The Gault Millau and Michelin Guide pleasures of Findlerhof are easily accessed from the Sunnegga chair lift. 

    Summer is the time to enjoy in the freshest of foods outside in the freshest of Alpine air, which is cosy and rustic in the winter.

    The Matterhorn has hard competition with such famous competitors. If staring wistfully at the peak over delectable treats isn’t enough for you, it’s time to get up close and personal with this stand-alone magnet.

    The four and a half hour climb from the Sunnegga lift to the Hörnli Hutte is one of our favorites and most rewarding excursions. This is authentic Base Camp Matterhorn terrain, as well as a symbol of Alpine heritage. When you arrive at the Hörnli Hutte, you stand with your neck craned skyward, feeling the full humbling force of Mother Nature. With the jagged rock towering above you, it’s possible that it’s not only the walk that takes your breath away. 

    The Hörnli Hutte, established in 1880 by the Monte Rosa branch of the Swiss Alpine Club, has served many a climber since its inception. The hotel was erected in 1911, and today, on glorious bright days in July and August, up to 200 climbers and guides ascent the Matterhorn. We won’t blame you if you choose to stop at the Hörnli Hutte and take in the breathtaking scenery.

    If your legs would rather to enjoy the breathtaking views with less effort, let us reserve you a trip to the Gornergrat. At 3,089m, you could be tempted to lose interest in such mountain views. Allow Europe’s highest open-air cog railway to rejuvenate your tired limbs and vista-gazing appreciation. Because we’re in Switzerland, I’m confident in promising you a 33-minute ride to the summit. The 1,469m vertical ascent leads you over stunning bridges and tunnels, past pine and larch woods, and across steep ravines and alpine lakes. This is a sight to behold, but it is only the beginning of the breathtaking vistas that await you on the brilliant terrace above. Your photographic memory will come to life as you strive to capture everything, from the Monte Rosa massif with the Dufourspitze, Switzerland’s highest peak, to the Gorner Glacier and a total of twenty-nine beautiful mountains reaching above 4,000 meters.

    Brightly colored particles will capture your eye as you look across the foggy horizon. Curiosity and an insatiable thirst for experiencing this scenery grow, and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the rare unobstructed 360o vistas of this wonderful area as well. Paragliding is an unforgettable experience. Fill your lungs with clean mountain air and imagine cruising over soaring peaks while seeing Alpine flowers dance in the fields below. You’ll never be limited to vistas from viewing platforms again.

    However, as your eyes adjust to the dizzying heights of summer in Zermatt, why not push the boat, or rather the heli, out further? Air Zermatt, would be happy to welcome you on board for the ultimate unforgettable moment of your summer. Choose your flight time and, if possible, assemble your pals to create your own path. After that, you won’t be able to put your feet on the ground for several hours.

    Neither will your mind, as you linger in the Matterhorn’s clouds long after coming home, reveling in the pleasures of your newly discovered summer heaven.

    Gornergrat train Zermatt, Switzerland

    Have the best summer experience in Zermatt !

    >View our summer luxury chalets in Zermatt

    Lodge Destinations may help you realize your greatest summer fantasies. Allow us to transform your summer vacation with our personalized service, professional advice, and the ideal luxury chalet to serve as the background for your unforgettable moments and have the best luxury chalet experience in the sunny Alps.

    Enjoy the Alps’ stunning splendor knowing that every aspect has been carefully selected for your delight. Make an inquiry with our staff today to begin your adventure.

     We look forward to hearing from you !

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