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    Exploring Paradise: The Top 7 Beaches in Mallorca

    Best Beaches in Mallorca

    Mallorca, the jewel of the Balearic Islands, is renowned for its stunning coastline, pristine waters, and picturesque beaches. From secluded coves to vibrant stretches of sand, Mallorca offers an array of coastal wonders waiting to be discovered. Here, we present the Top 7 Beaches in Mallorca that epitomize the island’s beauty and allure.

    Our best 7 beaches in Mallorca

    Cala Formentor beach in the Northern Mallorca

    Situated in the northernmost part of Mallorca, Cala Formentor Beach (Playa de Formentor) is a postcard-perfect beach fringed by pine trees and lapped by clear blue waters. Visitors can rent loungers and umbrellas or explore nearby hiking trails.

    Cala Formentor lies in northern Mallorca, so after seeing the beach, you may drive up to the Cap de Pera Lighthouse to watch the sunset. The journey up to the lighthouse is one of our favourite trips in Mallorca!

    Top 7 Beaches in Mallorca
    Calo des Moro beach in Mallorca

    Es Calo des Moro Beach in the Southern Mallorca

    Located on the northeastern coast, Playa des Moro boasts crystal-clear turquoise waters and fine white sand. This Blue Flag beach stretches for several kilometers, offering ample space for sunbathing and water sports.

    This beach is well-kept, and there are no hotels or beach bars here. You must climb down a lot of rocks to get there.

    The beach itself is rather small and there is a neighbouring beach named Cala S’Almonia just a few minutes’ walk from Calo des Moro beach.

    S'Amarador Beach in the Southeastern Mallorca

    S’Amarador is located in Mondrago Natural Park, which means it is bordered by natural sand dunes, woodlands, and rocky coves, rather than resorts. There are three beaches here: S’Amarador, Cala Mondrago, and the tiny Cala d’en Borgit, but S’Amarador is our favourite.

    S’Amarador is a rather large beach, and because it is only accessible by vehicle, it is often crowded.

    Cala Mesquida Beach in Northeastern Mallorca

    Located in the northeast of the island, it is one of Mallorca’s only surfing beaches. The greatest surfing conditions are generally found off-season, whereas Cala Mesquida is ideal for swimming and paddle boarding during the peak of the summer.

    It is one of Mallorca’s most natural beaches, with only one restaurant and one snack bar (though there are many more options close in Capdepera or Artá), and it draws a wide range of beachgoers, from hikers to relaxers.
    There is a small resort on one side of the beach and a beach bar at the entrance, but the other side of the beach is protected owing to its value to bird life, therefore it is covered with natural sand dunes and pine trees.

    Mallorca beach, blue water
    Calobra beach Mallorca

    Sa Calobra Beach in Western Mallorca

    The drive to Sa Calobra, with its spectacular views and several hairpins turns, is definitely a must do, although Sa Calobra beach is also really wonderful!

    The scenery is breathtaking, and getting to the beach requires walking through a lengthy tunnel in the mountainside. The beach contains little stones instead of sand, but the water is so pure that it’s worthwhile!

    Cala Pi Beach in Southern Mallorca

    Cala Pi (Playa de Cala Pi) is another of our favourite beaches that when visiting Mallorca. It’s one of the busiest beaches on this list, but its position amid steep cliffs, and it has a great atmosphere. There is a beach hut where you can obtain beverages and snacks, and the beach itself, while small, extends very far back, so there is plenty of area to lay out on the sand.

    Cala Banyalbufar beach, Mallorca

    Cala Banyalbufar Beach in Western Mallorca

    Cala Banyalbufar is located on the Western coast of Mallorca and it is one of the prettiest beach of the list. The water is incredible and the beach is surrounded with vineyards and cliffs.

    Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or simply the beauty of nature, Mallorca’s beaches offer something for everyone. From hidden coves to bustling resort areas, each beach has its own unique charm, waiting to be explored and enjoyed. So pack your sunscreen, towel, and sense of adventure, and embark on a journey to discover the magic of Mallorca’s coastline.

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