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    Find your Dream Villa to rent in Paros next summer

    Let us help you find your dream villa to rent in Paros for your next summer holiday.

    Are you a hopeless romantic? Or do you simply enjoy gazing at the infinite dusk and night sky, soaking in all of its heavenly energy? Or maybe you just need to unwind from the year’s activities by gazing out at the mesmerizing starlit globe meeting the sea horizon? Let us help you find your dream villa to rent in Paros for your next summer holiday.

    Check our selection and find your next villa to rent in Paros with your family and friends.

    Whatever you need to unload a year’s worth of stress, one thing is certain: the Greek sky and the Aegean Sea will steal your breath away and help you recharge and unwind. Especially when you can enjoy them from the solitude of some of Greece’s best luxury homes.

    Our highlighted location in this piece is the Cyclades, namely Paros Island, a site of tremendous natural beauty, opulent amenities, upmarket services, and discriminating travelers, both local and international. The island’s Cycladic atmosphere, with its paved streets, whitewashed cubic cottages, graphic towns, and sun-kissed beaches, will enchant you for life. Furthermore, Paros, being one of the top cosmopolitan tourism destinations in Greece, has hundreds of luxury villas to satisfy the demands of each sort of visitor, either in its busy, dynamic sites or calm, secluded settings.

    As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the most magnificent luxury villa to rent in Paros for you to relax in while gazing out at the sea horizon.


    Villa Leonie is a work of art in every sense; sparse and luxurious, decorated with pieces from a fine collection of vintage furniture and items from the 1950s and 1960s, and surrounded by well-planned gardens, the property is one of the finest examples of contemporary styling mixed with diversified details drawn from other designer trends.

    The villa is a magnificent property that successfully mixes a variety of designer trends and one-of-a-kind creative pieces. The villa is a picture-perfect but perfectly practical home, combining pieces from the owner’s personal collection from the 1950s and 1960s, designer furnishings, and a range of styles throughout all rooms. Everything in the home has been selected to assure the ultimate comfort of its visitors, and the gardens have also been mapped by a notable Greek architect to create an operational and delightful atmosphere.


    Villa Elena is a sea-front vacation villa on Paros’ south coast, a location bordered by sandy beaches that stays wonderfully tranquil even during high season. The minimal-chic Cycladic aesthete and the austere geometry of modern architecture dictated a clean-lined refuge that appreciates materials in their natural form. To recall the raw beauty of the environment and to connect the home with its surroundings, stone-built walls are left partially uncovered. The main patio features a covered swimming pool as well as a peaceful pergola-shaded lounge/dining space with Aegean views.

    The interior is wide, gleaming, and free of superfluous embellishments. The walls are ornamented with large windows that invite both sunlight and views from within. Tall archways connect the main living area with the dining room and kitchen rather than utilizing doors to divide the sections. The textiles are natural, and the palette is monochrome (all white walls and upholstery). The rooms are decorated with luxury furniture and a few carefully chosen artworks.


    Villa Olivia II is a contemporary residence. It is situated on Paros’ lovely southern coast, an area famed for its calm beaches and traditional seafood tavernas that exemplify the unique island moods.

    The architectural magnificence of the home blends well with the natural environment. The spacious terraces, which are built with raw local stone and flanked by olive trees, provide a beautiful ambiance of quiet and light.

    A pale canvas is embellished within with furnishings and decorations made of wood or marble. The light blue and purple couches, along with the raw wooden table and some industrial design accents, create an aesthetically pleasing mix.


    Villa Serena is a house on Paros’ southern coast, which has gorgeous beaches, attractive towns, and excellent seafood tavernas and is blissfully quiet even during high season.

    The five-bedroom house is located on a huge estate just a few feet from Tripiti, a hidden cove with beautiful beach and clean seas. The home was planned as a cluster of interconnecting cubes of varied sizes and levels, then painted a brilliant white to blend into the residential vernacular while still reflecting the sun’s beams. The gaps between the different sized cubes were covered with stone and encircled by walls to make interior patios, one of which has an L-shaped swimming pool. The house’s main point is the sea-facing terrace, a stunning place half-enclosed by walls and shaded by a handmade pergola that epitomizes the spirit of indoor-outdoor life.


    Villa Maldini is cinematic mansion set in the rugged plains of Parasporos, near Paroikia, and displays a complex architectural style and superb ornamentation. The construction of the property is formed by cubic formations that alternate between the conventional whitewashed Cycladic style and natural stone in strange combinations, which is completed by the large pool terrace. Natural wood and straw decorations and furniture, smooth cement surfaces in light grey and beige, white walls, natural stone ottomans, baboo accents, and gentle earthy tones characterize the home.

    Have the best summer holiday in Paros !

    > Explore our exclusive collection of Luxury Villas to rent in Paros

    Lodge Destinations may help you realize your greatest family and friends holiday. Allow us to transform your vacation with our personalized service, professional advice, and the ideal luxury villa to serve as the background for your unforgettable moments and have the best luxury summer villa experience.

     We look forward to hearing from you !

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