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    Is skiing an activity for rich people?

    Is skiing an expensive activity?

    If this beginning of the year you have decided to start a new activity or hobby and you have decided on skiing, I can tell you that this activity is one of the favorites of people who enjoy the outdoors.

    Now that you have decided on this incredible activity full of adventure, you may be wondering if you have the necessary equipment to start or you will require any or many particular items. 

    Along with this question and almost immediately you will surely ask yourself, is skiing an exclusive activity for rich people? 

    Well, in this article we will share with you all the information that will confirm that skiing can be within reach of any pocket. 

    Skiing requires equipment

    First of all, you should think about the equipment that you will require for your first day of skiing. This is the minimum essential for the beginning of your new adventure. It is essential to mention that a good part of the equipment that we will mention can be rented, which makes your activity accessible and allows you to acquire your equipment little by little. 

    Ski boots

    You can buy your ski boots at the resort of your choice. As we mentioned before, you can either rent or buy your ski boots. However, we recommend that, if you have any amount to start buying your equipment, the boots are one of your priorities. This is because the boots you buy will be made especially for your type and size of the foot, so in many cases, the rental boots will be quite uncomfortable. 

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    Skis and Poles

    The skis and poles can also be rented from the resort. If you are unsure of how to choose your skis, don’t worry, the resort staff will guide you in the decision you should make and make sure they are ideal for your first skiing experience. 


    The helmet is an essential element within the ski equipment. If we must talk about priorities, we must recommend that above any other element, the helmet is the most important, why? well, this is more than an accessory or a luxury, thanks to this security element you will make sure that your experience, apart from unique, is safe. It is very important to prevent any blow or damage to your head. This equipment can also be rented at the resort where you get the rest of your equipment. 

    Ski Jacket and Pants

    It is very important that besides your ski equipment your outfit is suitable for the cold weather that you will surely experience. The clothes you buy for your first day of skiing should be warm and resistant to cold weather. Remember that in the mountains the climate can become extremely cold and humid. Likewise, we recommend that the clothing you choose is comfortable and that it allows you free movement.

    Ski Socks and Gloves

    For your outfit to be truly complete, you should always think about your hands and feet and keep them as warm as the rest of the body. First, the gloves must be waterproof and warm, however, you must also consider that they must allow you the necessary grip that you will require for your ski poles.

    On the other hand, socks. If you plan to spend the whole day on mountain skiing, you should pack at least two pairs of socks for your day of adventure. Your socks can be made of wool to keep your feet warm and dry. 

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    One of the characteristics of this activity that makes it very exciting is the precipitation. And for this, you should contemplate protection for your face and mainly, for your eyes. We recommend that you try and buy your goggles at the same time that you choose your helmet because the goggles must fit with the helmet. 

    I know, you must be wondering how much you will spend on all the equipment mentioned above, well, here are the approximate costs for the equipment you will require:

    The rental of skis, boots, and poles ranges from 90 to 170 Euros, depending on the type of equipment since it will be divided according to your level of expertise. As for the rest of the clothes that you should buy, you can go to online outlet stores or visit a store that offers all the equipment at different prices and that allows you to know the budget that you will require for this activity.  As you can see, this activity can always be available to anyone and can be adapted to everyone’s pocket.

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