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    La Folie Douce: The Pinnacle of Alpine Entertainment

    La Folie Douce Après-ski

    Nestled in the heart of the Alps, La Folie Douce has redefined après-ski, blending high-energy entertainment with gourmet dining and breathtaking mountain views. Since its inception, La Folie Douce has become synonymous with exceptional alpine experiences, attracting skiers and non-skiers alike to its vibrant venues. This article delves into the unique offerings of La Folie Douce, exploring why it remains a must-visit destination in the Alps.

    The Origin of La Folie Douce

    La Folie Douce was founded by Luc Reversade in 1980, with the first venue opening in Val d’Isère. What started as a small mountain restaurant has evolved into an empire of fun, spreading across multiple locations in the French Alps. The concept was simple yet revolutionary: combine world-class cuisine, live music, and spectacular performances to create an unforgettable après-ski experience.

    Luc Reversade La Folie Douce

    Photo credit Le DL/Thierry Guillot

    La Folie Douce Val d'Isere

    Photo credit Le DL/Thierry Guillot

    Locations Across the Alps


    As the first La Folie Douce to open, the Val d’Isère FD paved the way for piste partying. It is still one of the most popular après-ski locations in Val d’Isère, with a table stomping success.

    At 2,400m, the restaurant and bars sit at the top of the La Daille gondola and offers stunning views of the surrounding snowy mountain peaks. Whether you’re staying in Tignes or Val d’Isère, put on your best après-ski costume and head there where the music echoes the peaks, champagne pours, and the DJ spins crowd-pleasing tunes.

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    Situated in the heart of Les Trois Vallées, this location brings the party to one of the largest ski areas in the world. With its expansive terrace and eclectic entertainment, La Folie Douce Méribel-Courchevel is a magnet for winter sports enthusiasts.

    The artists know how to put up the perfect snow show! Expect great intensity, swinging saxophonists, and some very amazing singers. While they create the ideal après scene, you may enjoy the sun and get your ski groove on.

    The F.D., located at the midway station of the Saulire Express between Meribel and Courchevel, is a famous après-ski destination in the 3 Vallées. Crowds arrive early to experience the action. BUT, if you’re staying in Courchevel, make careful you don’t get carried away and miss the last lift!

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    La Folie Douce Courchevel

    Photo credit La Folie Douce

    Photo credit La Folie Douce


    Alpe d’Huez is a popular ski destination known for its party atmosphere and vibrant music culture. Whether you’re going to Tomorrowland or not, be sure to stop by the greatest après-ski bar in Alpe d’Huez: La Folie Douce. The DJ will keep the music playing throughout the winter, ensuring that you both ski and dance.

    With an incredible location above the resort, the exciting pulse of the music greets you; you can even hear it on the Marmottes Chair as you ride up to 2,300m! Who could resist the temptation? With blue and green pistes leading back to your hotel or the next après-ski pub, you may slalom (intentionally or unintentionally) your way back down after the party.

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    While the Folie Douce Mont Blanc performers fire up the rhythms for your après-ski in Megeve, you may get a refreshing drink from the bar. You won’t be shocked to learn that magnums of champagne are popular with Folie attendees here. The celebration gets started quickly, for sure.

    La F.D. Mont Blanc is located at the top of the Mont Joux chairlift, halfway between St Gervais and Megève. This sunlit mountain summit at 1,958m offers amazing views of Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest peak.

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    La Folie Douce Megève

    Photo credit La Folie Douce


    La Folie Douce Val Thorens has set a new standard for après-ski. Book a VIP table and let the Folie performance provide a feast of entertainment. Even if it’s freezing here, dancing on the table tops will keep your feet warm. Because the season in Val Thorens lasts so long, the Folie will keep the celebration going until the end of April, providing the ideal spring skiing opportunity. The sun-soaked patio at the top of the Plein Sud chairlift, at 2,600m, is the perfect way to conclude your ski day.

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    La Folie Douce Avoriaz

    Photo credit La Folie Douce


    La Folie Douce Avoriaz, which is accessible by ski and foot, is ideal for everyone. You won’t have to worry when the ski lifts close here, so let the DJ, singers, and performers set the pace and keep you on the dance floor until the finish.

    Located at the top of the Plateau chair at 1,800 metres, you are in the centre of Avoriaz. La Folie is easily accessible, especially for Morzine skiers who may descend to the Prodains lift at the end of a the celebration.

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    Located in Paradiski, La Folie Douce Les Arcs offers a unique blend of modernity and tradition. Its terrace, overlooking Mont Blanc, provides the perfect backdrop for its daily performances.


    La Folie Douce Chamonix Mont Blanc is undoubtedly one of Chamonix’s top après-ski destinations. This innovative idea combines fresh urban noises, stylish wardrobe choices, and fast-moving feet to create an amazing après-ski experience in Chamonix.

    The hotel is wonderfully situated in the heart of Chamonix, at the base of the Savoy green ski slope. The night does not finish here, though, since there are several après ski bars in Chamonix to pick from.

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    La Folie Douce Hotel Chamonix

    Photo credit La Folie Douce

    Unmatched Entertainment

    At the core of La Folie Douce’s appeal is its extraordinary entertainment. Each venue features a dynamic mix of live DJs, singers, dancers, and acrobats, creating a festival-like atmosphere. The performances often start in the early afternoon, transforming the mountain into an open-air nightclub. Whether you’re dancing on the tables or soaking in the spectacle from the terrace, the energy is contagious.

    Daily Shows

    The daily shows are a highlight, blending music, dance, and theatrics. Performers interact with the crowd, making each show a unique experience. The diverse lineup ensures that there’s something for everyone, from electro beats to live saxophone performances.

    Theme Parties

    La Folie Douce is also known for its themed parties, which add an extra layer of excitement. From retro disco nights to glamorous costume parties, these events draw large crowds and are a major draw for visitors.

    Photo credit La Folie Douce

    Restaurant la Fruitière

    Photo credit La Folie Douce

    Gourmet Dining

    La Folie Douce takes alpine dining to new heights with its exquisite culinary offerings. Each location boasts a variety of dining options, from casual eateries to fine dining restaurants. The menus are crafted by top chefs, featuring local ingredients and a mix of traditional and contemporary dishes.

    La Fruitière offers a laid-back Savoyard atmosphere with a focus on fresh, traditional food. It’s the perfect spot for a quick yet delicious meal before heading back to the slopes.

    La Petite Cuisine provides a more refined dining experience. With a cozy interior and an open kitchen concept, guests can enjoy watching the chefs at work while savoring their meals.

    La Folie Douce has successfully transformed the traditional après-ski experience into something extraordinary. Its unique blend of high-energy entertainment, gourmet dining, and stunning alpine settings makes it a must-visit destination in the Alps. Whether you’re there to dance the afternoon away, indulge in culinary delights, or simply take in the breathtaking views, La Folie Douce promises an unforgettable experience. As it continues to expand and innovate, it remains at the pinnacle of alpine entertainment, drawing visitors from around the world to its magical mountain retreats.

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