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    2022 Summer vacation in Switzerland

    There are several reasons why you should spend your summer vacation in Switzerland this year

    You will not find landscapes like it anyplace else. The towering, beautiful mountains are a genuine testament to nature’s grandeur, with rolling green fields highlighted in the foreground by brilliant wildflowers that lure the eye into the distance.

    As the snow melts, frozen steams turn into flowing blue streams that crisscross the lush countryside like the numerous hiking and bike trails. Hibernating animals awakens, as birdsong rises on the cool Alpine wind. Summer tourists are greeted with open arms by pine woods, tranquil lakes, and attractive mountain communities that are certainly more calm than in winter.


    During the summer in Switzerland, the mountains offer a plethora of fresh opportunities to enjoy their splendour from top to bottom. There are difficult glacier treks at their towering summits, adrenaline-pumping bike trails winding down their rugged slopes, tranquil woodland rambles at the tree line, and spectacular white water rafting in the valleys. Here, everyone may find their own special journey.

    The mountains are not just for people looking for adventurous adventures. The gorgeous surroundings also encourage rest and regeneration. Even a dip in a cold, calm alpine lake delivers a soothing experience to equal any luxury spa, though if that’s your thing, there are many of them ensconced within the resorts’ five-star hotels. You may reconnect with nature, disconnect from the stresses of daily life, and enjoy some quality’me-time’ – whatever that means to you.

    summer hiking mountains Alps

    We serve our Swiss summer visitors with the same attention to detail that they are accustomed to during their winter stays with Lodge Destinations, thanks to our year-round base in the Alps. We have a fantastic range of summer residences not just in the Swiss Alps like Verbier and Zermatt, but also in the French Alps and Austrian Alps.

    Whatever your requirements are, or whatever shape your dream summer retreat takes, you’ll discover your ideal home base among our premium Swiss summer hotels. Here’s a sample of a few homes where you may be staying this year…


    Picture yourself in a cozy wooden chalet surrounded by towering peaks and lush green meadows. Swiss chalets provide a perfect blend of rustic charm and modern comfort, making them an ideal accommodation choice for a summer getaway. Whether you’re seeking a romantic escape or a family adventure, these retreats offer a home away from home.

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    Chalet Orsini balcony views, Verbier

    Chalet Osini, Verbier

    Chalet Teredo exterior view summer, Verbier

    Chalet Teredo, Verbier

    Chalet Lycka, Saas Fee



    Zermatt is a unique car-free zone, with only e-busses, e-taxis, and horse pulled carriages on the roadways. This refuge of exceptionally pure air and little noise pollution is a wonderful respite from metropolitan life. Verbier, too, is ideal for a restorative summer vacation in nature, since it is located on a sunny plateau with amazing, panoramic views for miles – no matter where you are in the resort.

    snowboarder on the slopes


    If you can’t get enough of winter activities, Zermatt has a summer ski area with 21 kilometres of slope that is open 365 days a year. As the highest and largest year-round ski area in the Alps, this is also the summer training ground for many champion skiers. As you travel over the bright slopes, catch a peek of them prepping for the following season!


    Zermatt offers several wonderful hiking trails from which you can either view or ascend the 4,000m peaks that surround you! There are 400 kilometres of well-marked paths to explore, as well as bucket-list walks such as the Europaweg Trek, which crosses the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge, the 5-day Matterhorn Trek, and the 4,164m Breithorn peak. Even a leisurely stroll will have you strolling through alpine flora-filled meadows, crossing dazzling blue lakes and streams, and most possibly spotting some local species. Gourmet hike packages, which allow you to stop along the way to taste regional specialties, are available for foodies.

    Verbier, also offers a wide range of defined trails for people of all ages and abilities. From family-friendly paths with panoramic views to challenging treks up towering peaks, you’ll discover your ideal walk here — the ideal way to exercise, breathe fresh air, and take in the alpine landscape.

    Verbier is particularly well-known for its biking. With 23 enduro trails, 500km of cross-country tracks, and several roads to ride, as well as a bikepark with 19km of downhill slopes of varied difficulty, it’s no surprise that this resort draws bikers of all abilities throughout the summer. It hosts Europe’s largest E-bike festival in August, which lasts several days and is jam-packed with tours, competitions, and activities sponsored by numerous well-known cycling and sports businesses.


    Both resorts are fantastic choices for a wonderful Swiss summer family getaway with loved ones. Sunnegga is a must-see in Zermatt. The ‘Wolli adventure park‘ is located nearby, and it offers infinite fun for youngsters, including a huge playground, beach, and picnic and BBQ places. Adults may unwind by the lovely alpine lake and have a refreshing plunge with spectacular views of the Matterhorn; the ideal day out in nature for couples.

    In Verbier, there are various mountain summer camps for all ages, in addition to a multitude of family-friendly outdoor activities. Our experts would be glad to assist you in locating one that matches your schedule and the ages of your children, where they may participate in sports, music, and language programmes to keep them involved, informed, and entertained.


    Because many of the wonderful restaurants in both destinations are open all year, you may enjoy their famous gastronomy scenes throughout your summer vacation.

    Don’t miss Chez Vrony in Zermatt, a family-run mountain restaurant with exquisite local cuisine handed down through generations for over 100 years. It is located in Findeln and provides the ideal sun-trap patio to rest your tired trekking legs on. 

    Le Dahu, Verbier’s finest on-mountain restaurant, is wonderfully situated at the crossroads of various hiking trails, right adjacent to the La Chaux chairlift. It’s excellent for a mid-day snack of tasty Swiss cuisine and pizzas while taking in the panoramic views. In the hamlet, the well-known Fer à Cheval serves Swiss delicacies, and there are other fine dining alternatives, including Chalet d’Adrien. However, if you have hungry children, a trip at Shed should absolutely be on your itinerary. This down-home burger shop serves some of the tastiest burgers in town, as well as fantastic beverages to enjoy while the kids eat.



    Throughout the summer, Alpine culture is honoured with several events dedicated to age-old local traditions, giving visitors a true sense of the region’s past.

    Throughout July and August, folk ensembles play everyday at the railway station area, as well as major festivals like as the Folklore festival and, of course, Swiss National Day on August 1st. 

    Aside from the E-bike festival in August, Verbier also hosts the Verbier International Show Jumping Competition, the Inspire Yoga Festival, and, most significantly, the Verbier Festival, one of the most prominent classical music festivals in the Alps.

    The Montreux Jazz Festival is also a 1-hour drive from Verbier and a 2-hour trip from Zermatt. Every July, this one-of-a-kind yearly festival takes place on the shores of gleaming Lake Geneva, and has previously been graced by Lionel Richie, John Legend, Mary J Blige, and Jamie XX, to name a few. Whether you buy tickets to a specific event or merely stroll the free stages and kiosks sprinkled along the lakeside, the magnificent scenery is definitely worth the trip.


    A heli-tour of the majestic Matterhorn should not be overlooked on your schedule in Zermatt. It’ll provide you a bird’s-eye view of the resort and the surrounding stunning environment, making for a very unforgettable day excursion, as you learn about its rich, sometimes sad, but always magnificent history.

    Heli-tours are extremely popular in Verbier, but paragliding from Ruinettes or taking the Mont 4 zipline, where you’ll zoom through the air and enjoy fantastic views across the peaks, are two more wonderful ways to explore the stunning surroundings.



    Zermatt, with its 38 peaks rising over 4,000 feet, is an alpinist’s dream. Climbing, however, does not need you to be a professional. The Forest Fun Park, located on the outskirts of the hamlet, is a terrific family activity beneath the forest canopy, with 31 zip lines and 95 different obstacles.

    Climbers flock to Verbier’s rugged cliff sides throughout the summer. There are Via Ferrata routes that comprise of rungs, ladders, and bridges that may assist even inexperienced climbers in scaling the mountain. It is a safe yet adrenaline-inducing experience that will leave you with a fantastic sense of accomplishment when you reach the summit (and, of course, amazing views!).

    Escape the beach and spend your summer vacation in Switzerland!

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