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    The best destinations for a family trip in Europe

    Choose from our list of the best family travel destinations to give your family a holiday full of good memories.

    Despite being known as the “old continent,” Europe is a place of dynamism, imagination, and diverse landscapes. Looking for a place to go on a family trip in Europe? There are several family vacation spots in Europe, but each one is special. Each has its own story to tell and treasures to be discovered. In this post, we’ve chosen our favorite destinations to help you decide where to go on a family vacation in Europe.


    In the summer, we go to the coast for a memorable vacation. The mildness of life on the Mediterranean coast, the iodine scents in the air, the sound of snowshoes, and the laughter of children are all enough to make these sandy beaches a haven.

    In the winter, the Alps’ green mountains are draped in an immaculate white robe that protects the pine trees and the roofs of traditional chalets. The hills are meticulously groomed, and the bars are packed. Just the sound of skis cutting through the snow and music streaming from the windows of the chalets interrupt the valley’s silence.

    Then, of course, there are the villages. City breaks are not restricted to a certain time of year. European cities’ historical, artistic, and gastronomic wealth are gems to be found with the family at any time of year. In the summer, you can picnic with the kids in the woods, and in the winter, you can escape to the museums to learn about art and history.

    Explore our post on where to go with kids for adventurous trips with your tribe as well.

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    The best resorts for family holiday

    Paros, Greece

    Cap Ferret, France

    Corsica, France

    Ramatuelle, France

    Val d’Isère, France

    Megève, France

    The best European travel destinations: family beach holiday

    Paros: amazing landscapes and beaches in Greece

    Paros is one of the most planned and cosmopolitan Cycladic islands, with a wide range of luxury villas to hire, including lavish private villas with seclusion suitable for families and luxury villas with a swimming pool for unlimited moments of fun that can accommodate a huge community of friends or relatives. Holiday villas in Paros can be found all over the island, from secluded coves and hilltops to the busiest areas.

    Cap Ferret and Arcachon are the finest beaches in France for families

    The beaches of Arcachon and Cap Ferret on France’s west coast are sheltered, quiet, and shallow. Your children and infants would have a great time running about between the sea and the dunes. Water skiing in the bay is also popular with older children. Check out our luxury villa rentals in Cap Ferret for your next family vacation.

    Water activities and breathtaking scenery: Corsica, France

    The beaches of Corsica are a diverse and varied paradise. Long days can be spent by the water, on the terrace of a beach restaurant, or relaxing on a deckchair. Many water sports activities are also accessible on the Mediterranean’s coastline. Explore the seafloor with a mask and flippers, or kayak down the shore to find secret cliffs and coves. Taking a kite-surfing or windsurfing lesson as a family to learn to sail over the calm waters.

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    Enjoy the calm and the beach vibes in Ramatuelle, France

    The village of Ramatuelle is really calm during the lower season (between Mai and June) which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the area and the beaches around. You will find lots of activities for children and for the whole family: horse riding, water skiing, mountain biking,…

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    Mountain destinations: favorite family travel destinations in Europe

    Val d’Isère is a winter wonderland

    In the winter, a trip to Val d’Isère with teenagers, particularly older ones, is ideal. Especially if they are thrill-seekers. The Alps’ enchanting environment provides superb skiing conditions. The environment is young, but it maintains the world-renowned Alpine refinement.

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    Summer or winter: Megève one of the best mountain resort

    In the summer, visit Megève, a typical town with a breathtaking setting underneath the famed Mont Blanc peak. Megève is the ideal summer destination, with activities ranging from paragliding and hot air ballooning to family walks and spa days. During the winter season, Megève is also ideal for families as the village is busing with lots of activities, as well as good skiing conditions.

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