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17 May 2022

Steps to finding the ideal luxury villa and chalet rentals for friends and family

Choosing the ideal luxury villa and chalet rentals for a peaceful vacation should be a delightful and rewarding experience. However, for many people who find themselves in the role of organiser, it may rapidly turn into a big source of irritation. Trying to satisfy everyone yet only pleasing a few, and ultimately feeling unappreciated.

luxury villa and chalet rentals
Villa Maldini in Paros, Greece

Consider your family/party members

Think about who you’re inviting. What are their passions? Do they have any unique requirements? Is the group made up of newborns, toddlers, teens, the elderly, the infirm, or those with mobility issues?

Make a list of each person’s individual needs. Make a list of everything related to the property and the surrounding region.

Choosing a steep area, for example, if you are taking grandparents with mobility concerns, may give them difficulty, resulting in a far from enjoyable trip for them and the group.

Consider Location

Put the destination aside for the time being (unless it is absolutely necessary) and consider where your dream villa would be in terms of facilities, amenities, and terrain. Your villa’s location is significantly more crucial than its destination.

Again, go over the list of group members and examine their specific interests and needs.

Take into account the distance to the beach, restaurants, bars, a golf course, a gym, a playground, and a pool.

Do you want to see the sea? Is it necessary to guarantee that certain amenities are within walking distance so that driving and car rental are not required? Are there any youngsters in the group who will like the proximity to pubs and nightclubs?

Is it also necessary to be far enough away from the rush and bustle of nightlife?

Consider the duration and dates

With the party and their interests and needs established, the next consideration is the time of year.

Your group has most likely set a date, or at least a tentative date, for the trip. Examine the climate and temperature of potential places thoroughly. Consider not only daytime temperatures, but also nighttime temperatures and how they may effect your group.

Consider all of the ramifications and their impact on others accompanying you on your villa vacation.

If your vacation is during the off-season, the pool temperature will be kept low by falling nighttime temperatures, thus you may decide that you require a heated pool?

Temperature may be a problem for both the very young and the very elderly. Temperatures in Corfu in August may be too hot for a newborn infant. The same extreme heat may cause discomfort in older relatives.

When contemplating the Caribbean or even further away, keep natural weather trends in mind. Is there a typhoon month, a hurricane season, or a time when rain is a key factor? Unless you are intimately familiar with a region, research is essential. Go ahead and Google everything you can think of.

Consider Change Over Time

You must select on the particular range of dates for which you are available to go. Most properties need a certain arrival date. This is most likely a Saturday. Peak season bookings often range between seven and fourteen nights, however proprietors are occasionally more accommodating when considering off-season bookings.

Consider Luxury Villa and Chalet Rentals Specification

Now that you’ve laid the framework, it’s time to think about the villa and the amenities your group will require.

Return to your list of persons and go over it again, noting any special needs they may have.

What number of bedrooms will you require? One sometimes forgotten factor is the number of beds (double or twin) required in each room by your group. Take careful note of these and keep them near the list of rooms you require.

Would a games room, pool table, or table tennis table be useful if you have youngsters (or adults) who like playing games?

Is a tennis court required? If you’re travelling with an eager cook, you’ll probably want a fully equipped kitchen and, at the very least, a BBQ.

Style and standard are also important considerations. Would you like to stay in a modern villa or one with a more classical feel? Or possibly an unpretentious beachfront home.

Consider the Budget

Make a list of your ideal and maximum budgets. Ascertain that all paying members of your party are satisfied with their commitment.

When looking for a villa, don’t be scared to offer this information. The more detailed your inquiries, the more targeted and valuable the findings will be.

Consider ‘Must Haves’ and ‘Nice to Haves.’

Divide your needs list into two independent lists. There is a ‘Must Have’ and a ‘Nice To Have’ list. Once completed, distribute the lists to the other decision makers in the family or party to ensure that you have covered everything – and that they are on the right lists.

You’re getting there, and the most crucial phase of the procedure is almost finished.

To Whom Should I Address My Brief?

Now that you know what you want, where you want it, when you want it, and how much you want to pay for it, it’s time to choose the right villa firms to submit your brief to.

Always exercise extreme caution while selecting prospective Villa experts. You must ensure that your brief is sent to knowledgeable and well-established villa professionals.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to three or four villa specialists, email them your brief in an easy-to-understand style, with the ‘Must Haves’ and ‘Nice To Haves’ clearly noted. Don’t forget to include your budget figures — ideal and maximum prices.

Consider Service

Your inquiry’s response directly reflects the service and assistance you can anticipate from your villa specialist.

The responses you receive should be timely, precise, and simple to comprehend. They should also mention current availability; otherwise, the information is useless.

If you come upon a potentially great villa, you must immediately request that it be put on hold. Even if just for 48 hours. Any Villa specialist worth his or her salt would gladly accomplish this for you.

Any Villa Specialist should be ready to schedule a phone call or respond to an email when you need one, even if it’s after hours or on the weekend.

You should anticipate aid and assistance from the moment you arrive at the property until you return home. Remember that a competent and experienced Villa Specialist will want to develop long-term relationships with clients by providing the greatest service and assistance available at all times.

When looking for a luxury chalet or a luxury villa rentals, contact us for details or information on how to book, speak with us by calling +41 (0)77 521 66 34 or contact us.

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