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    When should kids begin skiing?

    So, when is the optimum time to introduce youngsters to skiing? And what can you anticipate from their first attempt at snow plowing?

    We are frequently asked when we should our kids begin skiing. It’s an essential question to ask, but it’s a difficult one to answer.

    The inquiry is typically inspired by three factors: the desire to ensure that you don’t miss an opportunity, the worry of pushing them too soon, and the anxiety that they aren’t performing well enough.

    Our best advise before your kids start skiing

    Can Kids Begin Skiing Too Late?

    Let us begin with the most pressing concern: What if we start them too late?

    A woman once told me that her daughter had “missed the boat” by not starting skiing until she was six or seven years old. It saddened me to hear this because skiing is a fantastic way to have pleasure. We should quantify it in terms of happiness rather than technical achievements or snow years.

    Naturally, an early start can benefit, as it does in many sports, but it is primarily vital if you want to become an international athlete. A large proportion of really talented skiers did not begin as toddlers.

    It’s a combination of innate talent and practice, so if you’re going to be good (and receive enough quality practice), the exact start date isn’t that significant.

    So, by the time you meet an adult skier, the difference between starting at age 2 and starting at age 6 or even 10 might be minimal.

    young kid with skis
    young boy on the slopes

    Can Kids Begin Skiing Too Soon?

    In a nutshell, sure.

    However, this does not exclude children from learning to ski at an early age. You usually see two or three-year-olds blasting about as if they were born on skis. They are exception rather than rule.

    Children as young as three years old can begin skiing. Most youngsters under the age of three fail to coordinate well enough to manage skis and aren’t always strong enough to do it. Communication might be difficult, as can attention, comprehension, and knowing when to take a break…

    The danger of youngsters being discouraged by starting too soon is also rather high. If youngsters are obliged to attend ski school (like they are in regular school), they can rebel. Of course, youngsters typically do not want to ski at first, but by the end of lesson two, they are wonderful and all smiles…

    So, When Should Kids Begin Skiing?

    Kids can start as early as two. It’s a hefty ask, and it frequently results in the youngster being unable to execute what you’d term “skiing.” They can, however, begin.

    In my experience, the best thing to do is to attempt it, but not to place too much pressure on the outcome. Of course, I mean don’t put too much pressure on the child, but also don’t put too much pressure on yourself — as parents, we might be guilty of assessing ourselves based on our children’s accomplishments or failures…

    If you give it a shot and everything goes well, that’s fantastic. Take advantage of every opportunity. But if your child doesn’t grasp it, or decides they don’t like it, or if you’re unfortunate and the weather in resort turns the youngster off – simply try again another time.

    There’s no need to haste. Time is one thing that youngsters have a lot of…

    a luxury ski holiday
    family ski trip in courchevel

    What Can You Expect?

    It’s more preferable to have a pleased youngster spend a week with me who loves skiing but has the ugliest snowplough ever than to have a child who can ski brilliantly but doesn’t enjoy it. Skiing is enjoyable. The size of your child’s smile, not the technical outputs, is the consequence of his or her lesson. They’re an added benefit.

    My greatest suggestion is to be prepared to be proud and impressed, as well as to tape every incredible turn, but also to have a lot of fun constructing snowmen, throwing snowballs, sledding, and then trying again next year…

    Above all, if people leave thinking this was a lot of fun and they can’t wait to come back, it’s a huge success.

    Snowplough, parallel, turning both ways, blue slopes, black slopes, and everything else fall into insignificance when compared to the true assessment criteria – did they like being in the snow? Because it’s perhaps the finest thing in the world (in our totally biased view). And we want other people to enjoy snow as much as we do.

    kids at the ski school
    kids skiing with ski instructor

    But Keep a Few Things in Mind…

    I’m going to have to give you some hard realities. Some facts that all instructors are aware of:

    Children are wonderful with instructors once their parents have left. Any grumbles or tears go as soon as we (parents) leave. That’s when the games begin. So please don’t feel obligated to remain — your kids will respond better and have a better fun once you’ve left. Sorry. That is correct.

    Second, youngsters hardly seldom tell their parents how wonderful their day was. They may have had the BEST day ever, but when Mum and Dad ask, “How was your lesson?” they respond, “It was, you know, all right.” The understatement kills us, but we’ve become accustomed to it…

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    Kids games room in Chalet Nyumba, Verbier
    breakfast table at Chalet Elbrus, Zermatt

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