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    St Barts: the perfect destination for your family winter vacation in the sunshine

    This year, we're taking you on a family winter vacation in the sunshine at the end of the year, going to the islands of Saint-Barth.

    What if you changed your winter jacket and gloves for a more summer outfit this winter? We welcome you to spend the winter under the Caribbean sun, in the company of your kin, on your way to the refined island of St Barts.

    The Caribbean is a huge sandbox to be explored. There’s nothing better than to move south in the winter, in the dry season, to spend their best days. With an average of 27 °C, unmatched sunshine, sandy beaches and turquoise water at perfect temperatures, the Caribbean is the ideal place to get your dose of vitamin D.

    Family winter vacation in the sunshine

    Discover the island of St Barts

    Nestled in the blue topaz seas north of the Antillean arc, the tiny French island of St Barts enjoys a very chic reputation. A contradiction of Creole customs and famous luxury spots, St Barts is one of our luxury holiday destinations for luxury family vacations. Discover the pearl of the Caribbean and all its richness.

    Things to do in St Barts?

    St Barts is a small territory of volcanic origin with a rough landscape that forms an idyllic atmosphere. The fiery hue of the cliffs reaches the crystal blue Caribbean waters along its coasts. Between rest, athletic events and unexpected nature, it’s a ride to the sun that will please your entire family.

    Family hikes

    The majestic island of St Barts is crossed by a variety of hiking trails. Start your walk after a visit to the village of Flamand and its colourful homes. The road overlooking the sea is surrounded by dense tropical plants and provides an extraordinary view of the island.

    Be alert, you may be able to encounter random people on your way. On the beach, enjoy the sight of the island’s most seasoned fisherman, the pelicans. They dive at breakneck speed in shallow water with their large beaks. Keep walking and let iguanas and turtles, wonderful lovers of hibiscus flowers, cross in front of you.

    At the end of your getaway, peace of mind awaits you. The sheltered Columbian beach is a small haven for lazing about and bathing.

    For the more sporty families, we also propose the climb to the highest point of the island, Mont Morne de Vitet. Leave until dawn for a chance to witness the glorious spectacle of the golden light that floods the bay of St Barts in the early morning.

    Discover the island

    How about going on a cruise, playing sea explorers? Discover the islands of the archipelago that ring the island of St Barts. On the programme, wild sprint with dolphins, lunch near Chevreau Island and contemplation of the coasts of islands with evocative names, Coco Island and Tortoise Island.

    This is a getaway that can also be enjoyed on board a catamaran for a more sporty experience or alongside Tony to discover a major game of fishing. Feel the breeze through your hair and the swell beneath your feet, this is a great getaway for a family break on the sand.

    Enjoy any of the beaches

    It’s no mystery that the Caribbean beaches are some of the most stunning in the world. There are 14 beaches in St Barts. It is possible to find protected, unspoiled beaches off the beaten track. For the youngest, we prefer the beaches of Lorient and Grand Cul-de-Sac, which are more frequented but monitored. For teens, we’re taking our first moves in swimming, and we’re going to practice countless water activities.

    Enjoy your holidays in St Barts

    Spending a week in St Barts for your winter family holiday in the heat does not mean depriving your family of the celebrations that accompany Christmas. On the opposite, the island has numerous activities for its tourists.

    The joy of Christmas is observed in the tropics as well. Cities host several Christmas markets every year. The Christmas Market is astounding young and old on Gustavia’s quays of honor. Musical entertainment, pictures of Santa Claus, a lot of craftsmen and musicians, all there is to spend this magical time with the family.

    As New Year’s Eve arrives, the port of Gustavia is invaded by yachts from all over the world arriving to celebrate New Year’s Eve. At midnight, the sirens of the warships echoed the extraordinary fireworks fired at the harbor.

    What is the best period to visit St Barts?

    The best time to visit St. Barts is April to June. These three months come in a more manageable sweet spot only after the over-expensive winter and before the storm-prone fall. Temperatures don’t change a lot – they’re usually somewhere between the low 70s and low 90s all year round – but there’s a lot of rain in September, October and November. Showers are scarce in the winter and early spring, but at this time, you’re going to pay handsomely for the pleasure of visiting. Since Saint Barthélemy Airport (SBH) has an incredibly short runway, the majority of tourists prefer to fly to Princess Juliana International Airport (SXM) in the nearby St. Maarten and then take the shuttle flight or ferry to the island.

    Palm Springs|||||||||||||||||||||villa palm springs||Villa Palm Spring|||||||

    Picture from Tamarin restaurant, St Barts

    Where to have lunch in St Barts?

    Saint Barth is a sanctuary with famous restaurants. Gastronomy is a must on this island with its upscale clientele. Here are some of the restaurants where you can book your end-of-year meals after your lavish escape.

    Bagatelle St Barths

    In the heart of Gustavia on the harbour, Bagatelle introduces its “joie de vivre” to the dining scene of St Barth. It blends great French cuisine with a collection of the finest wines and champagne on the island and the famous Bagatelle atmosphere.


    Located in a manicured garden setting with a contemporary Balinese-inspired architecture, Tamarin’s environment is beyond compare with all of St Barts. Coupled with a sumptuous menu and an impeccable wine selection, Tamarin is an utter must.

    Rent a luxury villa in St Barts

    Villa Mamiami

    Villa Mamiami is an elegant and well-furnished villa. Every piece of furniture has been bought from small local suppliers of the island. This very comfortable villa is full of natural light and large sea views in all the rooms—creates a soothing atmosphere.

    swimming pool at Villa Mamiami, St Barts

    Palm Springs

    This “cube within a cube” is an ingenious work from the very talented architect Dame Zaha Hadid. Villa Palm Springs shines with the vitality of a clear esthetic ideal. 

    Indulge yourself for a winter holiday in the sun and visit St Barts !

    Should you want to pack your bags for your family holidays in the Caribbean in winter? With Lodge Destinations, rent a luxury villa in St Barts has never been simpler. We will tailor-plan your best holidays under the sun and explore our other ideas for your luxury break.

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